Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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NXT Divas’ Profiles Added to WWE.com

New NXT Divas Devin Taylor and Lana have received WWE.com profiles, being added to the website’s official NXT roster earlier today.

Devin’s bio doesn’t tell us much about her outside of her history as a broadcast journalist:

Multifaceted and diversely talented, Devin Taylor is always looking for the inside scoop in the NXT Universe. A former broadcast journalist, Taylor transferred her skills to NXT and can be seen conducting behind-the-scenes interviews with members of the NXT roster. Make no mistake, though: Taylor is just as effective with throwing a right hand as she is with wielding a microphone, so the entire NXT Divas division should be placed firmly on notice.

Lana’s bio, meanwhile, expands on her character’s history in Russia:

Lana is the International Social Ambassador to NXT Superstar Alexander Rusev. Born into a wealthy Russian family, Lana’s neighbors were ex-presidents, diplomats and other powerful political figures. Fulfilling her desire to pursue a stateside education, Lana attended Florida State University, where she not only learned English, but also majored in Foreign Affairs, Business and Social Media Marketing.

Encouraged by her parents to discover an investment hobby, Lana has invested her knowledge and business acumen in Alexander Rusev. Living by the philosophy that no mountain is too high to climb, Lana plans to use her smarts to conquer NXT.

They join fellow new Diva Alexa Bliss, whose profile went live last year.

You can view both profiles on the NXT section of WWE.com.

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