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NXT Lay-Kav-Ool Watch (July 27th, 2010): Laycool Takes A Spill, Kaval Drops, Mustache Out!

Tonight’s jammed packed episode of NXT brought forth a well deserved elimination, a ton of Lay-Kav-Ool cuteness, more Percy Watson idiocy, and a newly ranked number one rookie which some people may very well find questionable. With so much going on tonight, it’s going to be hard to touch on all of it. So buckle your seat belts. Welcome everyone to NXT (the Lay-Kav-Ool recap version)!!!!!

Those of us who love Kaval definitely got all we could handle of him tonight and then some! In addition to an in-ring promo, we got a Kaval video package, backstage segment with Laycool and Husky Harris, and a great match. The backstage segment began immediately after Kaval’s video package concluded. Michelle McCool and Layla were making a fuss over him, like usual. They were wanting to know why he wasn’t smiling, where his pink Laycool shirt was, and then Layla demanded to know if Kaval was hurt. Before he could answer, Michelle wanted to know who did it too him and while Kaval was trying to speak over the two pros, Husky Harris purposely bumped into the smaller man. Husky, in the role of schoolyard bully claimed he didn’t see Kaval standing there because you know, Kaval is so little. Husky went on to say that Kaval just isn’t very noticeable which drew the wrath of Laycool. Michelle flipped out and screamed at Husky that Kaval was noticeable which is why he was ranked number one. Layla got an attitude and started screaming number one while Michelle continued to berate Husky and ask him where he was in the last poll. They attempt to get up in Husky’s face but Kaval holds them back from doing any damage to the Army Tank. Husky is just beside himself with amusement over this whole situation. He calls the situation “precious” and accuses Kaval of letting his girlfriends do the talking for him. Kaval fires back that he doesn’t have to speak. He does all his talking in the ring. Both men agree that they are going to have fun with each other tonight. Kaval smirks at the end and walks away, and the girls follow him. But believe me, they get their parting shots in as well. Michelle, with attitude and malice dripping from her voice, stares down Husky Harris and tells him that that is real talk. Layla echoes and they follow behind Kaval as the scene fades on a sneering Husky Harris.

When NXT returns, Michelle’s theme is playing and Kaval is in the ring. Jamie Keyes, who looks amazing, announces him and the bell rings to start the match. Husky goes right for Kaval, but the 10-year veteran has everything under control as he kicks at Harris and sends him back. Harris plans another course of attack, but Kaval is ready for this as well. Finally, Husky manages to use his size advantage to take Kaval into the corner and he begins to beat him down. Kaval absorbs the blows and when Husky goes to toss him across the ring, Kaval pulls off a somersault to land on his feet and get back into the match. Laycool cheer for this and encourage the crowd to do so as well. Kaval gets poised to strike in the corner as Husky comes charging at him. Kaval’s feet connect with Husky’s face and then as Husky is off balance, Kaval flies at him and sends him down to the mat. Laycool absolutely mark and I wish I could say what Cody is doing, but the camera doesn’t want to show him. Ha!

Kaval seizes the moment to go for a cover, but Husky is out before you can blink an eye. Kaval assumes a fighting stance and from the look on his face, I wouldn’t screw with him. Husky lumbers to his feet and Kaval fires off two stiff kicks. Laycool orgasm over this on the apron but their joy is short lived because Husky manages to get a shot in on Kaval. It takes Laycool’s man down and Husky is able to capitalize. He sends Kaval into the ropes (nearly knocking Laycool down in the process) and scoops the smaller superstar up in the air. It appears to me that Husky wants to go for a slam of some type, but Kaval is far to squirmy and it cocks up whatever Husky was planning to do. Showing off his smarts, Husky brings Kaval down to his feet and nearly rips his head off with a clothesline. We finally get a shot of Rhodes on the apron of the ring and he is pleased with his rookie to say the least.

Laycool is not happy, especially Layla. She’s down on her knees on the apron and screams at Husky that she hates him. Amazing. Michelle starts pounding on the turnbuckle to get the crowd going and they follow her lead. Both members of Laycool are encouraging Kaval to get up and he does fight his way to this feet. Sadly, Husky has him wrapped in a vicious bear hug and there isn’t much he can do. Laycool turn around and hype up the crowd, then turn their attention back to Kaval. He is still desperately trying to fight off Husky and he begins throwing elbows to the face of his opponent. Husky has to relinquish his advantage and Kaval is able to start kicking Husky again which is bad news for the Army Tank. Kaval uppercuts Husky into the ropes, slices him up with a brutal chop, and goes to send Husky across the ring. Husky reverses it and Kaval finds himself thrown into the corner. Husky gets down in a three point stance and tries to barrel into Kaval, but Kaval moves and Husky’s head slams off the turnbuckle.

Kaval is in control now and after showing off even more fancy footwork, he sends Harris across the ring. Kaval runs towards Husky, but Husky strikes with another devastating clothesline. Michelle literally dies on the outside of the ring and Layla looks horrified. Michelle begs Husky to get off Kaval but he goes for a cover instead. Kaval is able to kick out much to Laycool’s relief. Husky brings Kaval up and tosses him into the corner closest to Laycool. He runs for Kaval, but Kaval jumps up and tries to lock his legs around Husky. Husky throws Kaval to the outside of the ring, but the Brooklyn native lands on the apron. Husky flops back into the ropes, exhausted, and that sends Laycool flying to the outside. Both girls hit the ground with a unanimous thud and everything pretty much stops for a split second. The referee is checking on them. Cody has stepped over to make sure they’re okay. Husky looks stunned by what he’s done. And Kaval, bless his heart, he goes to rush to Laycool’s side. Husky snaps back into reality and uses Kaval’s distraction to his advantage. He grips Kaval by the neck and smashes him into the steel. Then he brings him into the ring and plants him face first. One Army Tank with the Ferrari Engine later (is that seriously the name of his finisher??) Kaval is done for. Husky picks up a much needed win and Cody Rhodes’ stupidly addictive theme music hits. Laycool are so upset on the outside and rightfully so. Poor Kaval! (I’m seriously making a sad face right now.)

After the Harris/Kaval match, the NXT elimination took place.

Because he won immunity last week, Michael McGillicutty was not eligible for elimination. Turns out, it didn’t matter anyway. Michael was revealed as the new number one in the NXT poll, taking over for Kaval who dropped to the second spot. Moving up to third, was Alex Riley, and in a fun turn of events, Percy dropped to fourth. Lucky Cannon was solidly in the fifth place which left the bottom as Husky and Rottenwood. They teased for a hot minute before showing the final two spots, and Eli was in last place. Instead of giving us a passionate speech a la Titus O’Neil, Eli decided to attack everyone. He finally left the ring area and Striker asked a few people to speak. At the end of that Eli came out again and attacked. And that was how NXT ended this week.

In other NXT news, Percy became the first NXT rookie defeat a pro this season by beating Zack Ryder. Talk about a miscarriage of justice. McGillicutty defeated Cottonwood in what is now Cottonwood’s last NXT match. The show began with all the rookies coming to the ring. They were allowed to cut a promo on any subject except for why they should NOT be eliminated. And yes, Matt Striker looked man beautiful as always. I just had to get that in. Kaval’s promo was excellent, as was Husky’s and Alex Riley’s. McGillicutty’s was actually entertaining because he went after The Miz. The Miz fired back by putting McGillicutty in his place. Very nice exchange between the two men. Percy and Kaval were given video packages. Everyone seemed to agree Percy was charismatic, but no one seemed to take him seriously. It wasn’t a bad review, but it wasn’t stellar either. Kaval’s was excellent and the only negative thing the pros had to say was that Kaval needed to loosen up. Other than some other highlights, that’s basically it.

Tonight’s episode was pretty good. The in-ring action was stellar and Eli Cottonwood absolutely deserved to get the boot. Thank goodness he is gone and I can only hope and pray that Percy Watson is next on the chopping block. There’s absolutely nothing attractive about this guy. All he represents is everything that’s wrong with the WWE. I half expect him to show up in some random backstage segment with John Cena where they sit around a campfire and sing “Kumbaya” with underprivileged children from broken homes. This bothers me because number one, I don’t like kids. And number two, I’m just in a feisty mood. Percy Watson is nothing more than a sideshow freak and the sooner people wake up and realize that, the better. His only future in the WWE is starring alongside Santino, Kozlov, and the Great Khali in comedy skits that take away time from our divas. Get this people: I would rather watch a soulless and pointless Eli Cottonwood over Percy Watson any day.

Now moving on…

The backstage segment between Husky Harris and Lay-Kav-Ool was all kinds of adorable. Kudos to Laycool for allowing Husky to guest star in their segment. That was mighty generous of the co-Women’s Champions. How precious was Kaval when he was holding the girls back? They looked like they ready to pounce on Husky Harris and claw his eyes out. I loved every second of this. Kaval seems more and more at ease with them now doesn’t he? He’s certainly coming into his own as Laycool’s number one and again I stress that I want these three to stay together for all eternity. Kaval was the man tonight. His match with Harris was brilliant despite the outcome. I really want Kaval to pick up a few more wins but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be happening any time soon. It sucks for Kaval but despite the string of losses, he’s remaining at the top of the polls. This week he dropped to number two, but that’s not a big deal to me. I didn’t think he would remain at the top and honestly, I’m surprised he’s as high as he is. I don’t know if it’s because of the fans votes or what, but it’s totally a positive thing for our main man.

During the match, Laycool took a pretty good bump to the outside of the ring. They sold it in their own way and Kaval was able to get distracted because of it. At least Harris’ win was a bit on the cheap side and up until that point, Kaval had had the match firmly in hand despite a few hiccups. Love the fact Kaval is so protective over Laycool. This pairing remains my favorite. It’s so fun and cute, and sweet, and adorable, and all that other stuff in between. I hope we get much more Lay-Kav-Ool flawlessness next week!

Michael McGillicutty at number one really did surprise me a bit. I didn’t really feel as if he had done anything to connect with the fans and get them behind him. His personality is very dull to me. He’s just generic. His record is perfect, blah blah blah. He is going to win NXT and be the next WWE breakout star blah blah blah. McGillicutty is great in the ring and there’s no denying that. But as far as the charisma factor goes, he just doesn’t have it. I truly thought tonight was going to be Alex Riley’s night. He absolutely slaughters everyone when it comes to promos. He’s just so comfortable and so free. Tonight was a perfect example of everything he brings to the table. Alex Riley definitely has everything going for him.

It wasn’t to be Riley’s night. Instead, it turned out to be the night Eli Cottonwood got eliminated and went crazy. And hopefully, for my colleague Jennifer’s sake, I hope tonight turns out to be the night John Morrison shaves that thing off his face. Until NXT time (… see what I did there?); Cryssi out!

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