Thursday, September 16, 2021

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ODB Shares Story of Drunk Driver Hitting Her Trailer

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Former TNA Knockout ODB had a run-in with a drunk driver this weekend, but luckily emerged from the incident without a scratch.

The four-time Knockouts Champion shared the story in a Periscope video, detailing how a drunk driver ran into her trailer early Sunday morning in a bar’s parking lot.

ODB, who had been sleeping at the time and whose head was near the point of impact, says she found the driver passed out in her car with a beer beside her. The driver, she says, was so intoxicated that she urinated on herself when the police attempted to wake her.

ODB credits her Airstream trailer with stopping the driver from a having deadly accident, as she would have likely plowed into the bar had the trailer not been there.

As for her own condition, ODB stated that her neck was sore, but most of the damage was done to her trailer, which now has a dent in it.

Watch ODB’s full video on Periscope.

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