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PPV Predictions: WWE Over the Limit 2011

Brie Bella defends the Divas Title against Kelly Kelly tonight. Who’ll come out on top? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

April: I am probably among many who are semi-surprised at this match. I’m going to assume it is due to the tag team matches we have seen on Raw in past weeks but you know what they say about assuming. I was also probably one of the few who actually cheered when Brie Bella won the WWE Divas Championship. But, where I want Brie to retain, I am going to have to say that my pick to win is Kelly Kelly. She seems to pop up and surprise us all when we least expect it and honestly, where she may not be the greatest in-ring talent, I could see her carrying the butterfly belt. I am very curious to see how this turns out, considering neither would have been considered an “ideal” competitor around a year ago. The WWE always has a way of throwing one out of left field so it is definitely bound to be interesting. Let’s see if Kelly Kelly can finally capture the strap and prove all the doubters wrong.

Cryssi: In my humble opinion I think we can pretty much predict that Kelly Kelly is going to become the new Divas Champion. The question we should really ask is how is she going to win. I see Nikki Bella trying to assert herself into the match but somehow a feisty Kelly manages to fend her off despite taking a beating from Brie. Once Kelly gets her second wind, the twins attempt to switch but Kelly doesn’t let it happen. The twins end up bickering and Kelly dropkicks Brie, thinking it’s Nikki, and hauls Nikki into the ring thinking it’s Brie. She’s able pull off her finisher, get the three count, and become the new champion. At the end Kharma makes her presence felt and everything we’ve watched build up for the past few weeks finally comes to fruition. The end.

David: In general I like this match because I think the Brie and Kelly have shown improvement as wrestlers and characters. This is a well-deserved spotlight for them. I really hope the match gets some time to showcase each girl but I’m afraid that Kharma is just going to steal the moment. I like Kharma and her impact on the Divas but at OTL I would rather see Kelly get a legit title shot that isn’t impacted by outside interference. We know that isn’t going to happen. Kharma is affecting this match somehow. I just hope Brie retains the title for two reasons. One – I want the title to stop being handed around from girl to girl, I want the title to mean something. Two – if / when Kelly wins the Divas title I want her to win clean and I just don’t see that here. Plus Kharma and Kelly is a good storyline without the championship hanging in the balance. So, anyway, I predict (and hope) Brie Bella retains the title via disqualification as Kharma continues her march through the Divas.

Eric: And they said the rapture wasn’t actually coming. Kelly Kelly wins. The match won’t be good. This is all the energy I can muster for this match.

Erin: I’m sure Kharma will factor into this match somehow, but I’m not sure exactly how. Her non-attack on Kelly was perplexing, though her focus on Kelly makes me wonder if that’s where the Raw division is headed: a Kharma/Kelly program. If so, would Kelly need to be Divas Champion? I’m not so sure, but seeing Kelly as an underdog champ against the as-yet-unconquered Kharma seems to make a certain amount of sense. The Bellas don’t seem to factor much into this at all, so I don’t see why Brie would hold onto the title for much longer when the spotlight’s on Kharma and whoever her chosen prey is. I’m gonna take a guess and say Kelly Kelly wins the match and becomes Divas Champion, setting up a feud with Kharma over the title.

Melanie: About a year ago when Kelly faced Layla for the Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank, I was staunchly against Kelly ever winning a belt. What a difference a year makes. With the likes of Alicia Fox, Eve and Brie Bella holding the belt — why not Kelly? She is the quintessential WWE babyface – cute, athletic, connects with the crowd. She may not be the greatest wrestler in the world, but neither are the previous three champions mentioned. Thanks to Kelly’s recent star-making turn on SmackDown with Edge, Dolph and Vickie, K2 has really grown on me as of late. Plus, by WWE standards, she is the most marketable Diva on the roster, and continues to be the most popular; she gets huge crowd reactions and has trended on Twitter more times than any other Diva. It makes sense to finally, after five years, put the belt on K2. I predict Kelly Kelly wins.

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