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Raw Redux (December 19th, 2011): Alicia Scores a Win, Beth Scores a Bruise, Rosa Rocks and We Have Bellas & Vickie Too!

Due to the fact that I’ve basically been in a coma for the last 12 hours or so, watching Raw live last night was something that didn’t exactly happen for me. I’m sure the majority of you have already seen it, formed thoughts about it, and are so excited to read my thoughts on it to see if they match your own. They probably won’t, but you never know. Today you’re going to get a treat because I’m going to be writing while watching, so everything you get is going to be my live reaction. I haven’t a clue what happened last night, and haven’t been to any sites, not even this one, to see results. The last thing wrestling-wise I witnessed was the scary ending to Beth PhoenixKelly Kelly from TLC. I literally thought someone was going to die during that exchange but no matter, let’s just get on with Raw, shall we? I’m going to cue up  YouTube now!

I can honestly say that Raw has been amazing thus far tonight. It makes me kind of sad that I went to bed last night, but when you have a two-day hangover and haven’t had any sleep since Friday night, say the odd five or so hours, something’s got to give. Unfortunately, it was Raw last night. But nonetheless, backstage we see a split screen of Beth and Alicia Fox. That match is what we get tonight, and if you’re like me, you kind of hoped it would have been the TLC match. Much like the night before, Beth comes out solo and she looks great. Coming out second, is Alicia, and she has the dead animal on her head again. I do love her ring gear, so it’s okay this week.

Beth and Alicia lock up with one another, and Beth tries to work over the Foxy One’s wrist. Alicia nails the champ with a few decisive kicks, but Beth is too powerful to just go away like that. She ends up flattening Foxy with a side-walk slam. She begins punching her in the stomach, and kicking her decisively in the back. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler feel the need to tell us that Alicia is the number one trending topic on Twitter. That’s not a surprise, she’s been trending since her SmackDown days. Of course, Alicia is still on SmackDown but you know what I mean.

Is it just me or does the WWE make you hate Twitter as well?

Anyway, the match is still continuing and it’s gotten a bit dicey. Beth has picked Alicia up and looks to bounce her off the ropes. Foxy uses the momentum to stop the move, but she ends up losing her footing in the process. She recovers nicely, but the Philadelphia crowd isn’t impressed. She takes care of Beth and hits her finisher, then gets a huge pinfall win over the champ. Alicia celebrates, while Beth rolls out of the ring and is being checked on by the referee.

When the replays are over, Alicia has a mic in her hands. Oh wow. She gives a coy little “Hi…” to the crowd and they greet her with a barrage of boos like she’s the biggest heel to ever walk the face of the Earth. She just beams and tells everyone that she hopes they have a very “Foxy holiday.” Yikes.

I don’t know what’s more painful, watching Beth take the finisher or being wished a Foxy holiday? I have looked around now, and those pictures Beth posted of the injury are pretty nasty. But things like that happen in wrestling and the Glamazon is clearly fine. She probably just has a really bad headache today. That said, I wasn’t really crazy about the match. They tried to do too much in their little bit of time and it didn’t come off as clean. But as we saw at TLC, even having a lot of time doesn’t stop mistakes from happening. I’d like to see what Beth and Alicia can put together with more than two minutes allowed. I think it could be fun to watch, and it wouldn’t have to be so rushed or fast-paced. Alicia is not a bad performer, and Beth just goes without saying. She’s gotten amazing matches out of Kelly and Eve, why not Alicia?

The Diva goodness didn’t stop there. Rosa Mendes, the lovely lady who’s been accompanying Epico and Primo to the ring as of late, made an appearance with her men while they took on Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Managing is absolutely what Rosa should do. She’s great at ringside with her exaggerated reactions. These past few weeks we’ve even seen her get involved in Epico and Primo’s business and help them win. Her place in the WWE has always been hit or miss. Rosa’s never really had a solid role. She’s managed to outlast the likes of Maria, Mickie, Gail, Melina, and Maryse, so clearly there is something there that the company likes about this woman. She’s stunning to look at and having her as a manager is the best possible thing. I’m not entirely sure if this is a heel faction or a face faction, but I hope we get to see more of them on Raw in the future. I really enjoyed their match at TLC with Air Boom, so more please. And more Rosa with her Spanglish and horrible Latin dancing. It’s fun.

Speaking of fun, we have more Divas, which is a nice surprise to me. Brie and Nikki are backstage arguing with Johnny Ace in between them.

The Bellas go back and forth, apparently fed up with one another over who knows what? I suppose they’re tired of looking alike, because they talk about red lipstick and curled hair etc. I can see how that would get boring. Johnny Ace, ugh, gets them to settle down, and the girls tell him that they don’t appreciate how Teddy Long spoke to them at TLC. The SmackDown GM did seem to have a little too much spiked egg nog, and it’s understandable the Bellas are upset. They say they’re not floozies, and Nikki adds that at least she isn’t. Brie takes exception and this causes another argument between the two. Johnny Ace to the rescue again. He stops the fight, wishes them both a ‘Merry Christmas’, and they both kiss him on his unusually pink cheeks before walking away. Gross.

As the Bellas leave, Vickie Guerrero comes into the picture and she is irate. Her appearance wipes the smirks off the faces of Ace and his sidekick, David Otunga. Thank God. Vickie is violently screaming ‘Excuse me’. She’s pretty annoyed that Dolph was cheated out of his title last night and she demands that Johnny Ace book a rematch. Unbeknownst to Vickie, Hornswoggle has come up behind her. He has some mistletoe and when he finally gets Vickie’s attention, she turns around. He lays one on her, much to her horror, and that sends Johnny and David fleeing from the room. Hornswoggle scampers off too and Vickie stands there shaking and screaming from having just been violated. Ugh, poor woman.

I really do not like Hornswoggle one bit.

That said, Raw was a lot of fun tonight. For once, they had a great post-PPV show and I really enjoyed the added bonus of the backstage segment and Rosa. The match was eh, but it was what it was. It’s already caused a bunch of drama, and will no doubt cause a lot more.

Until next week, Cryssi out!

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