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Raw Redux (September 10th, 2012): Six Divas Collide, Eve Continues the Mind Games

Hello everyone. Last night’s episode of Raw was certainly not what we expected, and I’ll just get it out of the way early on that I’m so happy to hear Jerry Lawler’s condition has stabilized and he is doing okay. And major kudos to all the men and women who were able to perform following the terrifying situation, especially Michael Cole. That was not easy to watch, so I can’t even imagine the feelings having to be out there as they were but each and every one of them did phenomenal and should be extremely proud.

Now for the Diva portion of this week’s show, we had a six Diva tag team match pitting the trio of Eve Torres, Kaitlyn, and Layla against Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Alicia Fox. Yes, you read that right. Now without any further ado, let’s get underway.

We head to the ring as the music of our Divas Champ hits and out walk she, Kaitlyn, and Eve. The odd trio heads down the ramp and into the ring, with Eve seeming a bit extra perky tonight as she has been lately. Soon after comes the music of the Glamazon, who I’m personally happy to see back. She, Natalya, and in what is even more odd than the other team, Alicia Fox, walk out. (I guess Fox getting her hoodie in black signifies her allegiance to the dark side.) Once in the ring, the bell sounds and we get underway. Kaitlyn and Beth start off with Kaitlyn taking the advantage using a waistlock. Beth backs her in the corner, but Kaitlyn reverses it and continues to take control.

Kaitlyn is then sent into the opposing corner, where she flies back with a nice clothesline. She follows it up with a shoulder tackle, but Natalya tags in and smacks her upside the head. The Divas of Doom take Kaitlyn down, with Nattie smacking her once again. Kaitlyn ducks a clothesline, but Alicia kicks her in the back and Natalya keeps the advantage on her side. Fox tags in and hits a nice northern lights suplex for a two count, but she misses a kick in the corner and in comes Layla. Layla with a running facebuster and a spin kick, as she flies off with a crossbody in the corner. Alicia sends her off the ropes, but Eve blind tags herself in and drops Alicia with the neckbreaker for the victory. Kaitlyn and Layla look confused again, as Eve celebrates as if she just won the lottery!

Also check out the happenings of our GM, AJ Lee:

Skip to 5:10.

Thoughts: Honestly, critiquing anything isn’t really my concern right now and I’m sure the commenters will say everything on my mind probably better than I could if I tried at the moment. I’ll just say that much like every week since Raw has gone to three hours, I enjoyed the match tonight. Everyone got tagged in and performed solidly opposite one another. I like where they’re going with the Eve thing because it leaves me guessing what she could do next and what her intentions are behind this newfound persona. Tonight’s match was a nice advancement by teaming her up with Layla and Kaitlyn, and I definitely hope to see more in the future. Oh, and it was really great to see Beth Phoenix back in action. I’ve missed her performances on Raw over the past few weeks and her work with Kaitlyn left me craving a singles match between them.

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