Ronda Rousey trains, appears on WrestleMania media tour


To prepare for her big debut at WrestleMania Ronda Rousey has been undergoing intense training with fellow Superstars in the Women’s Division and a rigorous regimen at the Performance Center.

WWE uploaded this video of her training and has been promoting her work on social media:

On Monday RAW showcased Stephanie McMahon‘s preparation for the upcoming match with a video package:

In addition to all this work, Ronda has been on a media tour. However, that hasn’t gone as smoothly as her training

While doing press with ESPN this week (Mar. 27) Mike Golic of Golic and Wingo asked about when she knew her MMA career was over, which brought a newsworthy denial that she was done as a shoot fighter, and she misunderstood the follow-up question:

Then she gets extremely defensive during an interview with Max Kellerman on First Take about media and fan reaction to her losses in the Octagon:

Now that WWE aims to make Ronda a centerpiece of the Women’s Division, she should also know how to handle the media and field questions about her former MMA career.

Fans reactions have already been mixed to her debut and subsequent short squashes of Dana Brooke and Absolution.

What do you think of Ronda’s preparation so far? Are you excited for her debut? How do you think the WrestleMania bout will go down? Sound off in the comments below.