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SHIMMER Spotlight: Sara Del Rey


You know what time it is people! Really? You don’t? Well I’ll clue you in. It’s time your weekly dose of SHIMMER goodness. Every weekend, I’ll be bringing you profiles on the hard hitting ladies of SHIMMER. Everyone from the major players like MsChif to the up and coming rookies like Ashley Lane and Portia Perez. So lets get to the good stuff, guys.

Name: Sara Del Rey

Aliases: “Death Rey”

Age: 28

Entrance Theme: “The Final Countdown” by Europe 

Finisher(s):Royal Butterfly(Standing Butterfly lock released into a suplex); Bridging German suplex

Associates: Larry Sweeney; Allison Danger; Chris Hero 

Accomplishments: SHIMMER Champion (1 Time); OCW Women’s Champion (1 Time, current); CWR Women’s Champion (1 Time, current); Ranked #6 ond PWI’s Female 50 in 2008

Sara Del Rey is arguably the best pure wrestler in SHIMMER to date. Trained by greats such as Bryan Danielson and Antonio Inoki, Sara has adopted a hard hitting style all her own. She even had a little stint in OVW (very little). Believe it or not, Del Rey had to put in a lot extra hours during the beginning of her training, as wrestling didn’t come naturally to her. Go figure.

 Since Volume One, Del Rey has been a mainstay of SHIMMER. She’s taken on some of the best and won on several occasions. Sarah Stock, Lacey and even Awesome Kong has tasted the “Death Rey”. Sara made history in 2007, becoming SHIMMER’s first ever champion, defeating Lacey in the SHIMMER Championship Tournament finals. She defended the title in SHIMMER before dropping it to MsChif in April 2008.

Del Rey also knows how to play well with others. She, along with Allison Danger, form Dangerous Angels. The team has competed on several volumes of SHIMMER, as well as Ring Of Honor.

Speaking of Ring Of Honor, Death Rey recently turned heel, Aligning herself with Larry Sweeney and Chris Hero to form Sweet and Sour Inc. The group even took a shot at the WWE divas. Sweeney implied he was grooming Del Rey for WWE and she replied by saying: “I’m a wrestler not a Diva” Ouch! She ended up leaving the faction after being yelled at by Sweeney, during a match against Daizee Haze.

While Sara’s style is better suited for TNA, I would rather see her in WWE. I could see having some epic match-ups against likes of Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Of course if WWE has anything to say about it, she’ll be jobbing to Maria or Candice a few months into her debut.

So what do you guys think? Does Sara fit the TNA mold or shoukd she go over to WWE and redefine what it means to be a diva? Sound off in the comments! As usual, videos after the cut, including a ACTUAL SHIMMER match! Enjoy!

Sara Del Rey vs Lorelei Lee

• • • • •

Sara Del Rey vs Daizee Haze

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Sara Del Rey Entrance Video

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