Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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SummerSlam Results: Sasha Banks wins the Raw Women’s Title

Tonight on SummerSlam, Sasha Banks became a four-time Raw Women’s Champion.

During the match, Sasha tried to lock in the Bank Statement on Alexa Bliss but the latter slipped to the outside.

As Sasha stood from the ring apron, Alexa pulled the apron’s skirt and caused Sasha to crash shoulder first onto the floor. The official began a count out but Sasha was able to make it back in the ring in time.

Alexa continued to target Sasha’s weakened arm and climbed the top rope for a Twisted Bliss but Sasha managed to stay alive.

After venting out some anger, Alexa found herself trapped in the Bank Statement in the center of the ring. Alexa managed to momentarily break free by targeting Sasha’s weakened shoulder but a second Bank Statement from Sasha would force Alexa to tap out.

What did you think of the match?

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