Monday, August 2, 2021

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Sunny Goes Too Far with Comments on Lacey Von Erich

I don’t wish to feed a monster that seems to thrive on hate, but these comments were overlooked in yesterday’s Laceygate drama yet are the most hurtful of all. Former Diva Sunny, real name Tammy Sytch, once again makes light of Lacey Von Erich‘s personal family tragedy, this time going too far:

“Yeah, she’ll overdose or shoot herself before you know it….ok, enough. I gotta go do some laundry…thats more important than LVE. later peeps!”

I don’t want to throw around loaded words at Sytch, because I feel that is exactly what she wants to provoke — a reaction. Instead, I say this: The irony of the situation is that the whole Lacey VE bashing started because Lacey said some offensive things about Angelina Love. Is Sytch not doing exactly the same thing? In fact, she has gone beyond the pale with the above comments. Having claimed that she has never met Lacey and ‘has nothing against her personally’, these comments beg to differ. What is most disturbing however, is the lack of conscience Tammy shows over the sheer brutality of her words, with the care-free manner in which she shrugs them off.

In an earlier message, Sytch even alludes to the charity work that she & Von Erich will be doing for Wrestler’s Rescue next year — and even those comments are veiled with insults. Can one be philanthropic yet say things like that about another human being?

Meanwhile, the woman at the center of this all — Angelina Love — has shown a quiet dignity, restraint and diplomacy that I believe should be respected. Perhaps even an example for Ms Sytch.

Honestly Mel my gut tells me no. I think that partof the draw to diva dirt is honesty but not hurtfullness. We r fun but we r not a site that gets a rise out of hurting people. She is acting despicable and its so sad she can’t get any “press” any other way. I think we should boycott her and her comments. Hate and negativity breed hate and negativity. You don’t want to support her by printing her awful words. Then u become part of it too. I think it should also be mentioned how diplomatically and classy Angel Williams has acted thru this whole ordeal. She couldve thrown stones too but chose not to. That’s just what I think but do what u feel! Only u know what u should do:)

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