Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Taeler Hendrix adds voice to #MeToo, claims ROH career was sabatoged

Taeler Hendrix is making allegations against current ROH Champion Jay Lethal, claiming that her Ring of Honor, Women of Honor career was sabotaged after rejecting Lethal’s sexual advances.

Taeler Hendrix worked for ROH in 2011 and once again from 2015-2017. Hendrix announced her ROH departure on April 4, 2017, and the 29-year-old has been working elsewhere since.

She took to social media and made these accusations while writing, “Threatening my job, the Mae Young Classic, and my career will not deter me any longer.”

Her posts began when a fan said they missed House of Truth: “I don’t. it should have been the house of Hendrix. what has truth or jay done ? what do they draw ? being a funny guy with a book…. the other one only talks about his time in Impact copying legends… faaaaarealll bruhhh the legacy is copying legends…. ”

She continued: “I know this is going to be on wrestling sites. My name is Taeler & this is my statement: attorneys on my behalf have an ongoing investigation. I know I’m not the only one & ppl that have known of this investigation have been supportive. I’ll continue to fight for what’s right.”

She has recieved a tremendous amount of backlash as documented by twitter user Wrestling Sexism:

Taeler responded with this: “Let the hate roll in. Doesn’t change what happened. I came forward privately long ago & now it’s public. If I stay silent I’ll be part of the problem. I can’t live w/ that. I’ll fight for what’s right. Threatening me/supposed burned bridges changes nothing. Let the hate roll in.”

At this time there is no official word on the situation from Lethal or ROH, but Hendrix wrote on Instagram that her attorneys are in an on-going investigation.

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