Tenille Dashwood explains why she chose to join ROH


Former WWE Superstar turned WOH Superstar Tenille Dashwood (AKA Emma) recently defeated Brandi Rhodes to advance in the semi-finals of Ring of Honor’s ongoing WOH Tournament to crown the first-ever Women of Honor Champion.The inaugural Champion will be crowned next Saturday (April 7th) at Supercard of Honor XII.

To help hype the event, Dashwood recently spoke with WrestleZone Radio to discuss her Ring of Honor experience so far, the chance of joining the Bullet Club and the loyalty from her fans. Highlights of the interview below.

On her quarter-final match with Brandi Rhodes: Definitely impressed. You can see if you watch her matches back that she is improving every time she goes out there and I thought this was one of her best matches yet. Obviously, I got the upper hand and I think that comes down to experience. Brandi hasn’t been in the ring for a whole lot of time and I have, it just comes down to that. I’ve been friends with Brandi and Cody for a long time and them being a part of this show, Supercard of Honor, is a huge thing too.

On possibly joining Bullet Club: It all just depends on the situation. They would have to do some sweet talking and we’d have to work some things out. You never know what’s ahead. I’m not saying yes or no, I’m saying it depends.

On why she chose to join ROH following her WWE run: The timing actually worked out perfectly. Around the time I became a free agent is when Ring of Honor was introducing the women’s tournament. As you know, I was the last entrant, number sixteen, to enter that. I’ve never been a women’s champion before so coming off of WWE I still had a lot to prove. I just love wrestling. I couldn’t stay away from it. There are so many things in my career that I still want to do. It was just perfect timing and Ring of Honor is obviously one of the best companies in the world. It was a great place and a great time to become part of the women’s tournament and showcase what we have to offer.

On what lessons she learned helping to start the WWE women’s revolution: I am taking from what I have done in the past with the WWE women’s revolution and bringing it all over the world with me now. At Ring of Honor I think something that I’ve learned, and am taking with me, is that I am just going to be me. I am in control and I am going to do things my way. I think everyone who knows me knows that I love wrestling, that shows when I wrestle. I am able to go out there, perform and do what I love. I want to go out and have competitive matches for longer amounts of time. I just really want to wrestle again. It’s very exciting to be able to do that.

On her fans being so loyal to her: I really do have loyal fans, don’t I? I have to say thanks for that. They have stuck with me through all of this and I feel like I have the same following that I had before, they are just following me in what I’m doing now as opposed to before. It’s really cool that I have those loyal fans.

Dashwood also discusses her upcoming match with Sumie Sakai possibility of re-uniting with Santino Marella on the independents

You can listen to the full interview here.

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