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hamadaTNA is doing a great job of creating buzz around it’s newly signed Knockout, Ayako Hamada, who it seems will be going by just her last name. They’ve put up a nice piece on their site including quotes from one Awesome Kong [even though she can’t string a sentence together on TV].

With TNA’s biggest, baddest heel putting Hamada over, it would be absolutely ridiculous not to strap the rocket on her from the get-go. Her debut could instantly gain more traction than Tara, Sarita or Alissa’s. Read below:

She’s 28 with 10 years of in-ring experience, and a lifetime of pro wrestling knowledge truly at her front door.

The newest TNA Knockout, Hamada, was recently signed to a contract and arrives from Japan, best known as the daughter of wrestling sensation Gran Hamada, 59, himself a wrestler of 35 years.

Expect great things from this Orient import.

“I would compare Hamada with AJ Styles, because she’s simply phenomenal,” TNA’s Awesome Kong said in a rare interview (Kong has also dominated the Japanese wrestling scene). “She’s a triple threat. She’s mastered the Japanese style of wrestling, along with the Mexican lucha libre, and I can see it in her eyes that she wants to be a great American wrestler.”

More after the cut:

Hamada wrestled in Mexico in 2007-2008. She has had countless classic battles in her native Tokyo against Japanese sensation Aja Kong.

Hamada also has teamed with, and wrestled against, her dad.

“I love my father; he’s my hero,” Hamada said. “My ultimate dream is to have a match against my dad … and win.”

And that could happen – she has been a singles and tag team champion in Japan. She previously was the All-Japan Women’s Champion.

Hamada has had several matches in the past against Awesome Kong.

“She is very, very strong,” Kong said.

Stay tuned to “iMPACT!” every Thursday night on SpikeTV for the TNA Wrestling debut of Hamada!


Hobbies: Salsa dancing
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Number: 1
Wants To Visit: New York City
Favorite Food: Japanese, Thai, Mexican and Indian
All-Time Favorite Wrestler: Eddie Guerrero
It’s a Fact: Her sister also is a pro wrestler in Japan
Family: One brother, four sisters.

Random Melanie observation: How bad is it that the first thing I noticed is that TNA has already caked her in their tranny make-up?

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