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Total Divas Redux: “All Hail Brie Mode”

Brie. Mode.

Those of us who view Total Divas on a regular basis know exactly what that means. But those of us who might be new to the show got a taste of exactly what Brie Mode is this past Sunday, as did new cast member, Paige! Twice a year, World Wrestling Entertainment embarks on a two week European tour and with Paige basically returning home, the youngest member of the roster decided she wanted to have as much fun as possible. That involved getting our Queen Brie completely and totally s-faced much to Nikki‘s disgust.

After having a drink with Paige and Brie, Nikki decided to be the responsible one and head to bed. She forced Paige to promise to send Brie upstairs in 30 minutes but obviously that didn’t happen. The two girls ended up doing shots and hitting up another bar away from the hotel. Things very quickly fell apart and Brie was in her element; spilling drinks, stumbling around, screaming at the top of her lungs, and doing flips. Who knows what time they managed to make it back to the hotel.

That next morning, Nikki and Brie had plans to work out before catching the bus that would take them to Raw but clearly Brie decided to skip out on that. Nikki had to get someone to let her into her sister’s room and after forcing Brie out of bed, Nikki was rewarded with her sister’s vomit right down the front of her work out top. To say Nikki was disgusted and angry would be an understatement and she left Brie vomiting in the toilet.

Nikki’s whole issue with Brie Mode on the European tour was due to the fact that if Brie went to work and messed up, it would end up reflecting on her as well. That’s why she was so upset over the whole situation. It didn’t help matters that the show they would be performing on that night was a taping for Monday Night Raw. Brie ended up in a match against AJ Lee that went off without a hitch. Nikki was forced to admit that she had been wrong in her own Nikki way, of course.

Everything between them ended up being fine.

The European tour didn’t involve just the twins, thought. Natalya was forced to deal with some family issues involving her father, but luckily it had a happy ending. Apparently, Nattie’s dad, the great Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, has been dealing with and struggling with addiction issues off and on. It’s really taken a toll on the family and according to Nattie, no one had really addressed it with him.

She decided to take it upon herself to try and save his life, especially after an incident sent her dad to the hospital and almost cost him his life. Nattie reached out to estranged husband Tyson Kidd for help, and he was more than willing to step in because regardless of what goes on between him and Nattie, family is family.

Nattie and TJ waited until they returned from Europe to stage a small intervention with her father. They had a drug and rehab counselor come to Nattie’s house and talk Jim into going to rehab and trying to get some help. He didn’t fight it, he was willing, and thanks to the WWE paying for him to get this help, Nattie’s dad will hopefully get his life back on track.

To me, this was a serious glimpse into the life of a former wrestler and it was really sad. To get a little personal, I was a huge fan of the Hart Foundation growing up and to see someone I was a fan of struggling was difficult to watch. Can’t wait to see an update on this situation on a future episode and judging from Nattie’s own Instagram, her dad seems to be doing a lot better.

Alicia Fox also had issues to deal with as well this episode, and it was due to her ex-boyfriend, Wade Barrett, returning from injury. This part of the episode was also difficult to watch because as a woman, I can’t count the number of times I have been in Alicia’s shoes. Her unresolved feelings for him were plain as day, and when the couple split, she felt blindsided and completely off guard.

Rosa Mendes tried to keep things real for her friend, but Alicia wasn’t exactly excited to hear it. There’s not a single person on this planet who wants to be told that the person they love doesn’t want to be with them, myself included. So when Alicia lashed out at Rosa, I was completely on her side. Alicia’s anger at Rosa didn’t last long, though, and she also came to the decision that she probably just needed to speak with Wade.

It was difficult for Alicia to approach him (she even threw up before she approached him) and when the two exes family came face to face, she couldn’t even look him in the eyes. Alicia spilled her guts out and finally got an answer as to why they broke up, and he put it very simply; he just couldn’t see himself spending the rest of his life with her and didn’t want either of them to waste their time. As awful for Alicia as that was to hear, she accepted it and seemed to finally gain the closure that she needed.

Speaking from personal experience, when you think you’ve found the one and feel it in your heart, it doesn’t just go away. I probably got way to emotional watching that particular scene. That’s why I hope next week is a lot more light hearted!

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