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Trick or Treat! Going Halloween Costume Shopping: Part 1

We’re baaack! You may remember us offering costume advice last year to Divas participating in the now-defunct Cyber Sunday Halloween costume contest. Well, we’re extending that tradition this year, extending the love to TNA’s Knockouts as well. We’ll offer costume possibilities to nearly every Diva and Knockout over 3 installments, all leading up to Halloween night. Get your popcorn ready!

Alissa Flash
Costume: Horror movie victim
Why?: It seems like every Melissa Anderson character is getting “killed off” of TNA, or at least decimated. What better way for her to poke fun at this massacre than to smear yourself with fake blood and scream your head off? Bonus points for fake wounds. Let’s see Awesome Kong do this kind of damage.
Get the look: Make some fake blood, tear up some old clothes, and apply some strategically-placed dark makeup for that crucial gaunt look.

Brie & Nikki Bella
Costume: The twins from “The Shining”
Why?: Have there ever been two creepier twins in horror movie history? I think not. Dress the Bellas up in those famous blue dresses and place them in an empty hallway. Get them to say “Come play with us!” in unison and you’ve got something even scarier than Jack Nicholson armed with an axe.
Get the look: Find your twin (or someone who bears a striking resemblance) and dress yourselves in matching prim and proper power blue dresses. Don’t forget the blank stares!

Costume: Lady Gaga
Why?: Jillian’s adoration may have shifted from Britney to Lady Gaga, if her performance of “Paparazzi” following her Divas Championship win was any indication. From one outrageous Diva to another, Jillian could make the transition easily with her blonde hair. She just needs to pick any crazy outfit Gaga’s worn (such as her infamous bubble ensemble), apply some heavy eyeliner, and she’s golden!
Get the look: Toss on this Lady Gaga-inspired wig, apply some bold makeup, and pick your favorite Gaga fashion statement. FYI–chances are you won’t be wearing pants.

Read on to see more costume suggestions.

Costume: Michael Jackson
Why?: It’s obvious who the pioneer of the “one glove” look was–MJ himself. Why not honor the late singer, whose “This is It” concert film opens in theaters today, by dressing in one of Michael’s more iconic looks? A fedora, his signature jacket, shiny loafers, and of course one well-placed glove are the key ingredients. (I promise this idea was hatched before Layla sported this very costume at this week’s SmackDown tapings.)
Get the look: Find Michael’s signature jacket, a black fedora, one sequined glove, black loafers, and some black trousers.

Michelle McCool
Costume: The Bride from “Kill Bill: Vol I & II”
Why?: Well for one, they’ve both got the blonde hair and bangs. They’re both tall, limber women, and always seem to have something sinister on their mind. I’m pretty sure Michelle won’t be heading off on a rampage of revenge any time soon, but I’ll be damned if she doesn’t look fit for one, even with her bum knee. A yellow jumpsuit, the Bride’s signature look, and a prop samuari sword would do the trick. Maybe some fake blood (once belonging to O-Ren Ishii and the Crazy 88s) could be splattered on for good measure.
Get the look: Collect a fully customized yellow jumpsuit, a blonde wig, and a fake sword, and you’re all set for revenge.

Costume: Joan Holloway from “Mad Men”
Why?: The comparison was already made here, making this choice all the more apropriate. We all know Natalya’s got a softer side–I mean, have you seen her photoshoots on She’s got the curves and attitude that Joan possesses, and she’s got command over her men, much like Joan did with the ad men at Sterling Cooper. A classic tight 60s dress, a red updo, Joan’s signature gold necklace, and a confident smirk are all she needs to pull it off.
Get the look: You’ll need a 60’s-inspired form-flattering dress this one, a well-placed gold brooch, a gold pen on a long gold chain, a red wig in an updo, and plenty of confidence. Killer curves wouldn’t hurt either.

Costume: The balloon from the “balloon boy” hoax
Why?: Why not? Tara’s been known to choose the wackier costumes in the past, and what would be stranger than dress up a runaway balloon? Sure, she’ll look like Jiffy Pop, but anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock will get it. No stowaways needed, but having a fame-hungry family in tow wouldn’t hurt.
Get the look: Let’s face it–this one’s a do-it-yourself job.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 as Halloween approaches. When all is said and done, we’ll have a poll for you to vote for your favorites. Until then, chime in with your thoughts and suggestions!

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