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Trick or Treat! Going Halloween Costume Shopping: Part 3

Happy Halloween! We’re continuing our yearly tradition of dreaming up Halloween costumes for the year’s most notable Divas and Knockouts. We’ll be mixing Knockouts and Divas together in three posts leading up to the big day. But before you see this year’s picks, be sure to catch up on the past 4 years of this feature (can you believe this is the 5th year we’ve done this?):

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Check out part 1 of this year’s feature by clicking here. Part 2 can be seen by clicking here.

All caught up? Let’s get started!

Brooke Tessmacher
Costume: Katniss Everdeen from this year’s “The Hunger Games”.
Why?: A brunette underdog, overcoming more powerful adversaries to win the ultimate prize–are we talking about Brooke or Katniss? Either way, you’ve got a success story that people can cheer for. Brooke’s got the look with her dark hair, and though she’s not malnourished, she could feasibly play the part of the arrow-slinging, tree-climbing survivalist.
Get the look: This guide is very thorough and will have you looking like a tribute that will do what it takes to survive.


Costume: Catwoman from “The Dark Knight Rises”.
Why?: We’re all familiar with Layla’s more sordid past as part of Lay-Cool, cheating and tormenting her fellow Divas alongside partner in crime Michelle McCool. With Michelle retired, though, Layla seems to have turned a new leaf, become a babyface and fighting for the “good” side. That’s a lot like Selina Kyle’s story in “The Dark Knight Rises”: she had a history of theft that she wanted expunged and she ended up aiding Batman in saving Gotham City. Layla may not be morally ambiguous, but we’re willing to bet she’d like us to forget all the evil things she did not so long ago.
Get the look: Of course, there’s countless Catwoman costumes to choose from.


NXT Divas Emma, Audrey Marie, Anya, Charlotte & Summer Rae
Costume: The Fab Five from the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Why?: Five young whippersnappers from the WWE’s training grounds could easily come together to become the USA’s scrappy artistic gymnastics team from this year’s Summer Olympics. Matching leotards and gold medals are all they’d need. We’ll leave it up to them to fight over who gets to be the all-around competition gold medalist Gabby Douglas.
Get the look: Get together a group of five, wear matching long-sleeved leotards, gold medals and winning smiles.


Costume: An armored Snow White from this year’s “Snow White and the Huntsman”.
Why?: Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, hair black as night.. When you think about it, NXT Diva Paige is a dead ringer for the Snow White shown in this year’s “Snow White and the Hunstman”. She’s even got the fighting spirit needed to pull off this uniquely vengeful take on the character.
Get the look: The costume can be found ready-made at a lot of places. You’ll need find a prop sword and shield and a long black wig to wear with it.


Sara Del Rey
Costume: Lana Del Rey.
Why?: Okay, so this is pretty much just a play on their names, but we couldn’t resist. The Diva-trainer Sara Del Rey hasn’t yet been seen on WWE TV, but she’s more than familiar to those who follow the indy scene. Granted, she’s not all that close to Lana Del Rey in nature or looks, but with some clever costuming, she’d certainly look the part. And seeing her crooning one of Lana’s breathy, moody songs would be priceless.
Get the look: This guide gives you several options for adopting different Lana looks.


Vickie Guerrero
Costume: Queen Elizabeth II as seen at the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.
Why?: The Queen Diva herself is the only one fit to play Queen Elizabeth. We’d love to see her dressed like the Queen was at the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony: pink dress and hat and a hilariously unimpressed look on her face. Her boy toy Dolph could play the part of grandson Prince Harry caught in the act of playing strip billiards in Las Vegas. Queen Vickie would drag her embarrassed grandson by the ear, yelling “Excuse me!” at anyone who don’t bow or curtsy at her approach.
Get the look: It should be easy to find an older woman’s pink dress at a department store. The challenge would be finding a regal hat to match and an appropriate grey wig. And remember: don’t look impressed at anything you see. That’s key.


Now that we’ve completed all 3 parts, it’s time to let us know which idea was your favorite. Vote in the poll below:

Got any Diva or Knockout costume ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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