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Triple H discusses the Mae Young Classic

During a conference call to help promote NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III today, Triple H discussed details behind the Mae Young Classic, WWE experimenting their idea of releasing multiple shows of the tournament instead of airing weekly one hour shows on the WWE Network and the chance of an-all women show coming to the WWE. You can read WrestleZone’s coverage of the conference call below.

  • With regards to women’s wrestling, he specifically praised Dave Prazak who founded both Chicago-based Shimmer Women Athletes and the Florida-based Shine Wrestling promotions. Hunter said he’s asked for Prazak’s views and opinions, and that while they could have possibly done more for women’s wrestling sooner, now is definitely the right time and right place as people keep asking for it the more they produce. He said the women previously didn’t have the “pot of gold” at the end of the proverbial rainbow the same as the men did, but that’s slowly changing.
  • Originally the Mae Young Classic was supposed to be 16 competitors, but he expanded it to 32 and there could have been even more with all the talent on the global scene. Triple H said that Shawn Michaels was speechless after the Mae Young Classic, and some of the crew thinks it’s better than the Cruiserweight Classic.
  • He spent a lot of time putting over the Mae Young Classic and how good it’s going to be and how all the girls competing killed it and exceeded expectations. It’s being released in large clumps binge-watch style and not week-to-week because they have the hindsight of the Cruiserweight Classic and know that people would rather watch things when they want to and have time, and it’s hard to keep the audience’s attention every single week. The goal this time is to build towards one huge match they can produce in the live finals in Las Vegas.
  • With regards to signing more women’s talent and the possibility of a future show exclusive to the women, Triple H simply said “never say never”. They’re experimenting with a lot of things as they monitor and track the viewing habits of their audience.

Would you like to see the women have an exclusive show? Which Mae Young Classic participant would you like to see be signed to WWE? Let us know in the comments below!

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