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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: April 26th & May 3rd, 2018

Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling taped tonight April 23rd.


* Knockouts Champion Allie pinned Taya Valkyrie after a Best Superkick Ever and Codebreaker to retain the Knockouts Championship. Afterward, a group of girls in Su Yung face paint brought a casket to the ring. They left and Allie kicked the casket over. Lights go out. Su Yung in the ring and lays out Allie with Rope Hanging Pedigree. Su Yung attempted to put Allie in the casket but Rosemary returns in a Demon Bunny shirt for the save chasing Su Yung to the back.

* Eddie Edwards wants to put oVe in the hospital like he did Sami Callahan. He calls out oVe and they hit the ring. Eddie gets the upper hand when a video plays showing Sami in the hospital at Alisha Edward’s bedside and says “I just want to talk”. Eddie runs to the back.

* Rosemary vs. Su Yung never gets started as they brawled until Su Yung hit the Panic Switch on the floor. A Legion of Undead Brides come down with a casket. Allie runs and attacked Su Yung to make the save but gets overwhelmed by the Undead Bride girls. Su Yung gave Rosemary the Panic Switch off the ramp through the table and puts Rosemary in the casket as the girls silently hold Allie back.


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