Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Veteran Diva Takes a Shot at Eve; Eve Responds

Former WWF and WCW wrestler Madusa took to Facebook after Vengeance on Sunday and wrote a not-so-veiled knock on Eve Torres. Eve, according to many of our commenters, surpassed expectations in the PPV’s match and put on a great performance against Beth Phoenix. Madusa, however, had a different viewpoint, saying:

“Well I wish I would of met Beth during my days…she really needs some great talent to be able for her to shine…. as in my days this was my problem as well… again great talent, Beth and no one to wrestle…she’s believable.”

“Eve needs to keep modeling…awesome looking girl in the ring… should not be there.. just saying.”

Eve soon responsed via Twitter:

“To answer some questions I have received, having a couple of photoshoots doesn’t make you a “model”. I was never a model. My degree is in engineering, & I pursued dance professionally for a while. Now I’m a WWE Diva & not going anywhere anytime soon. Deal with it!

So, who’s side are you taking? Did Eve’s performance in Sunday’s match show true talent or should she, in Madusa’s words, “keep modeling”?

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