Video: Team Bella Talks Diva Revolution, Crowd Behavior in Brooklyn


Following their win on last night’s Raw, Alicia Fox, Brie and Nikki Bella of Team Bella spoke to JoJo on Raw Fallout about what their victory means and the controversial behavior the crowd displayed during their match.

When asked if the win on Raw felt like “redemption” for their loss at SummerSlam, Nikki said that they don’t really care about wins or losses because they’re the dominant team regardless.

She referenced the disrespect the Brooklyn crowd showed towards the Divas, turning it into a criticism about the “new girls” by claiming that it was proof that the fans don’t care about them.

Brie felt the same way, thanking Brooklyn for proving them right about the Diva Revolution. Alicia then added her two cents, saying that anyone who watches Team Bella can’t help but relate to those they’re dominating.

Watch the interview below: