Saturday, October 16, 2021

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WWE 2021 Money in the Bank: Preview & Predictions

Money in the Bank is this weekend and is the first WWE PPV event outside of Florida in over a year.

There are two women’s matches for us to look forward to. The first is the Women’s Money in the Bank match features Asuka, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross/ASH, Naomi, Zelina Vega, Natalya, and Tamina.

Secondly, Rhea Ripley defends the RAW Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair.

Credit: WWE

Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair for the RAW Women’s Championship

The build-up to this match has been poor, to say the least. Instead of playing off their history WWE has taken us down a path of confusion. There is no hero or villain. Charlotte is certainly a heel and Ripley does heel things. WWE plays boos during her entrance meaning that it is difficult for the viewer to fully invest in the angle.

Not much has transpired between the two since Hell in a Cell. What we should have is two premier athletes vying for championship gold. What we have is chop blocks and kicking crutches.

The feud has done little to elevate the title or either wrestler. But now that all the shenanigans are over it’s time to step into the ring where we know we always get a great match.


John: Charlotte wins. A heel champion as dislikable as Charlotte is the perfect ingredient for the return of Becky Lynch.

Nick: Charlotte as well. But then again I have been saying Charlotte for the past two pay-per-views and she hasn’t won. I wouldn’t mind Rhea retaining if she moved on from Charlotte, but something tells me this isn’t happening if she wins. Plus it has been almost five years since Charlotte has won the RAW Women’s Title, believe it or not.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Money in the Bank matches are always good fun and this one looks to be no different. The plethora of talent in the match is excellent with a real eclectic mix of styles, which should make for a fun outing.

The build was very different from the two brands. On RAW the participants had to fight it out in tag teams matches whereas Sonya Deville picked the competitors on SmackDown.

Through the selection of the participants, we have seen Zelina Vega make her return to WWE after being released at the end of 2020. Liv Morgan has been propelled into a singles run now that she is going at it alone. She has been booked as the ultimate underdog. Nikki Cross shows a new gimmick by becoming Nikki A.S.H. She is Almost a SuperHero and is almost certain to be fun to see for the returning fans.

With the exception of Nikki, the other three women from the RAW brand, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka have received less focus on the build towards MITB but are all formidable competitors. Bliss and Asuka having won this exact match in prior years.

Tamina and Natalya seem like the last moment options as they are current champions but at the same time add veteran status to the match. `


John: Tough one to call. Vega has just returned and would make a good Ms. Money in the Bank. Morgan could finally get the push she deserves and Alexa Bliss a focal point of the division. But I’m going with Alexa Bliss.

Nick: As my partner in crime has already stated, this one could go many ways. However, I am going to stick with Liv Morgan. Dear WWE, sometimes the best choice is the most obvious one. Allow her momentum to reach its full potential please. Sincerely, Nick from Diva Dirt.

While you are waiting for tomorrow, check out the previous winners cashing in below. There was never something more anxiety ridden then the referee not understanding Carmella‘s cash-in.

What are your picks for women’s matches at Money in the Bank? Sound off in the comments below and check back in on Sunday to join the discussion during the event.

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