WWE announces return of co-branded PPVs


After a week of rumors, the WWE have confirmed the return of dual branded PPV events. Starting with WWE’s Backlash in May, PPVs will now feature Superstars from both Raw and SmackDown.

You can WWE’s full line up schedule of PPV events below, which now only includes one PPV event per month:

After WrestleMania, you’ll get the best of both brands – Raw and SmackDown LIVE – every month, on every pay-per-view. Catch every event streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network.

WrestleMania 34 – April 8, 2018

WWE Backlash – May 6, 2018

WWE Money in the Bank – June 17, 2018

WWE Extreme Rules – July 15, 2018

SummerSlam – Aug. 19, 2018

WWE Hell in a Cell – Sept. 16, 2018

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs – Oct. 21, 2018

Survivor Series – Nov. 18, 2018

WWE Clash of Champions – Dec. 16, 2018

The Wrestling Observer (via Wrestling INC) reports the belief within WWE is that the dual branded PPVs will increase the show time by an hour, with two matches on the one hour pre-shows and four hours on the main card.

What are your thoughts on WWE bringing back dual brand PPVs again? How do you think Raw and SmackDown shows will now play out? Would the possibilty of adding an extra hour to PPVs be too much? Let us know in the comments below!