WWE Women’s Wrestling Review Week of April 1st, 2019


Women are breaking the WWE glass ceiling this Sunday at WRESTLEMANIA 35! We will be LIVE reviewing the Go-home episodes of Raw and SmackDown, and making our own WrestleMania predictions.

We are also hosting the WrestleMania Prediction contest! Comment below with your predictions for the winner of 3 women’s matches: Main Event, Tag Team Championship, and Battle Royal. AND the prediction for how long the matches will go. The person with the most accuracy will get a special gift from us!


  1. When are we going to rename this website ‘Ring the Belle’ because I’d be here for it.

    Battle Royal Winner Prediction: Lacey Evans with a 10:15 matchtime
    Tag Team Championship Winner Prediction: Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection (rooting for the IIconics) with a 10:30 match time
    Main Event Winner Prediction: At this point I haven’t a clue with the Winner Take All stipulation so I predict Charlotte since it’s the safest option haha with a 21:25 match time