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Your Two Cents: Layla’s First Challenger

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: Who do you think should be Layla‘s first big challenger as the Divas Champ? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Our Two Cents

Batting for Team DD this week, it’s Cryssi giving us her personal opinion on this week’s topic:

Cryssi: Is it wrong to say that at this point, I really don’t care who is going to challenge Layla for the Diva’s Championship? It’s the truth, I really don’t care. The roster is overrun with faces, and unless they give Maxine a chance, I don’t see a strong heel that can take on Layla now that the Brie & Nikki Bella are gone. Beth Phoenix seems like the obvious choice, but I don’t know if she is legitimately injured or not. I haven’t really been keeping up with whats going on this week, so yeah. I really have no clue.

I think what I’d like to see happen is for a number one contender’s battle royal to take place and for there to be a surprise entrant. That surprise entrant could be Paige, Raquel Diaz, or Sofia Cortez. Any of those three would work for me. I would have that girl win the battle royal by cheaply eliminating Kelly Kelly, the most over face, and then I would build a lengthy feud for Layla and her FCW opponent, and established the girl from FCW as a solid heel. I would have the other two girls debut by her side and have the three of them terrorize Layla, and give her a dose of her own medicine. It can be sort karma coming back to get Layla from all the bad deeds she did alongside Michelle McCool. I would give Layla any help in this either. This feud would serve two purposes – it would establish a brand new stable of bad ass heel girls, and it would established Layla as someone who is willing to fight for the title she holds so dear and prove to everyone that she is a changed woman. This would be a great transition from the current generation to the new. You’re welcome, WWE. Send me my royalty check please. Khaleesi has spoken.

Your Two Cents

@EveTorresJr | I think Eve Torres deserves it, i’m not just saying this because i’m a fan. She hasn’t had a good, solid rivalry since she turned heel and with her new role she could easily get herself into the title picture. I think this could be a good feud between the two.
Jemel Green | With AJ on the merge of a heel turn this could be the angle that could really get her over as a character.
Josue Guzman | Though it won’t anytime soon, I would want it to be Raquel Diaz for a number of different reasons. With the Bellas gone this is the opportunity for WWE to recruit some new and fresh talent, so why not call up one of the girls over at FCW? In addition to the Bellas departure, WWE has become short on their Heel Divas. Beth Phoenix is out on injury, Kharma‘s return is unknown and Eve is playing a backstage heel. Bringing in Raquel and pairing her up with her mother, Vickie Guerrero, is sure to make her an automatic heel! Lastly, I think it is time for Vickie to drop this “Cougar” gimmick and move on to something more fun to watch, like such as the “Demanding-Mom-Manger” role, which of course would come naturally.
Mary-Helen Clark | I’d love to see someone like Kaitlyn or AJ take their shot, but it’s obvious that WWE is keeping them around D-Bryan. Why not someone completely new? How about Shaul Guerrero (not Raquel) with Mama Vickie by her side? It would be an interesting storyline to see Layla feel the wrath of Vickie, after she and ‘Chelle used Vickie to hold onto the titles for sooooo longs.
Megan Travis | Natalya, Eve Torres or Kharma. Natalya is a great talent and she and Layla have a history of problems which they could build off of. Eve is in a position to abuse her power and make herself number one contender, which writes itself. And Kharma is Kharma quite frankly. And if WWE wants to have some continuity, it was Kharma that attacked the injured Layla when she was in the ring addressing the fans. Layla could want some payback.
@NotEnoughForMe | I think Layla’s first big challenger should be Beth Phoenix. Beth Phoenix hasn’t received her rematch for the Divas Championship yet. So with Layla being the new champion, it’s the perfect opportunity for Beth to win back what she feels is rightfully hers. Also,Beth and Layla have put on some pretty impressive matches in the past before when Beth was feuding with LayCool. This time around, the roles have switched as Layla’s now the face and Beth is the heel. With the history Beth and Layla have, Beth wanting the Divas Championship back, and these two having great chemistry in the ring, Beth should definitely be the first challenger for Layla’s Divas Championship.
Ozzy Valentine | Layla vs. Maxine would be something fresh and exciting. They can help build each other up. Maxine is a younger, sexier Ivory– she can put herself over as top diva by making Layla look credible.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Who do you think should be Layla’s first challenger? Tell us in the comments…

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