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10 Legends/Alumni We’d Like To See In WWE 2K23

On March 17th, (14th for those getting Early Access versions), 2K Games will debut the next installment of their WWE2K series.

As of this writing, only a handful of women have been confirmed but just like the Royal Rumble, one of the exciting features of the game is seeing which Legends or Alumni may make an appearance in the series.

This list will countdown, in no particular order, a list of female talent from yesteryear we would like to see in WWE2K23, ranging from likely to some wishful choices.

10. Sharmell

Last Game Appearance: N/A

Number of Video Game Appearances: 0 

Despite being a prominent on-screen talent from 2005 and 2007, Sharmell has never made an appearance in a WWE video game. In previous instalments of the game, the HOF inductee class was usually included in the game as a HOF DLC Pack or on-disc but the series broke from tradition with WWE2K20 (more on this later. 

Although Sharmell was not known as an in-ring competitor, she did have a match at Wrestlemania and a handful of matches across her WWE/WCW career. While I would not wish to see Sharmell as paid DLC if she is only a manager, having her on-disc with King Booker would be a welcome addition to the roster.

9. Molly Holly

Last Game Appearance: WWE2K20 

Number of Video Game Appearances: 7

Yes, Molly only just appeared in the last version of the game before WWE2K22 but 2K20 was riddled with bugs and glitches.

Molly deserves a do-over. Not only was her model one of the weakest in the game, she was dropped from the roster going into 2K22 while previous Alumni usually stick around for multiple games in the series. With The Hurricane possibly sticking around for 2K23, could we see Mighty Molly make an appearance?

8 & 7. Laycool

Last Game Appearance: WWE2K16 (Layla) and WWE’12 (Michelle McCool)

Number of Video Game Appearances:  6 (Both)

Although Layla has been very clear on her stance on future in-ring returns, this fan hopes her approach does not stretch to video games because Laycool taking over the Women’s Tag Team Division is something I need in my game. 

Layla holds the distinction of not only being the first female superstar to be a DLC character, she is also the first to be DLC more than once.

McCool made her first in-game appearance in WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2006 during her early days as a Smackdown Diva. Her appearance caused a stir at the time alongside Joy Giovanni as neither woman had really been wrestling. From school teacher to all-American to flawless McCool, we’ve seen several iterations of Michelle in the games.

The WWE Games allows fans to book their own versions of WWE and being given an additional team such as Laycool will do wonders in helping fans falling in to the same booking decisions we see on screen with our tag teams.

6. Jackie Gayda

Last Game Appearance: Wrestlemania 21

Number of Video Game Appearances: 1

Hear me out. 

This year’s game focuses on John Cena and the eras he came up in, particularly the Ruthless Aggression era. During this time, the Smackdown Divas did not have a title to call their own but there were certain women who were featured regularly at the time and Jackie Gayda was among them. 

With several PPV matches to her name, including a tag team bout at Wrestlemania, Jackie helped carry storylines that were not centred around a title but instead had more personal roots. While an in-game appearance is quite unlikely, stranger things have happened and the WWE did include her in the Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal in the past so relations between the two are at least favourable.

5. Victoria

Last Game Appearance: Smackdown vs Raw 2009

Number of Video Game Appearances: 6

Be it an on-screen appearance, Royal Rumble spot or HOF induction, Victoria is brought up repeatedly by fans who are desperate for her to get the respect she is long overdue. 

As a fan of the WWE games for many years, I recall the years where we would be seemingly capped at just 7 women a game and a name that was repeatedly left off the roster was Victoria. Even back then this was noticed by fans and it left many confused as to why the former Women’s Champion was omitted over non-wrestlers. 

Smackdown vs Raw 2009 was a strong year for women’s wrestling fans as it featured the most women on the roster ever and had, at the time, some of the best models for our favourites at the time. This marked Victoria’s last appearance in a WWE game and she is long overdue a return.

4. Melina

Last Game Appearance: WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Number of Game Appearances: 5

The Royal Rumble 2022 was a night to remember with the return of Melina in a highly emotional and memorable moment. Although things did not go as planned, fans were left talking and hungry for more from the paparazzi’s favourite Diva. 

In a world where the CAW creators can make fantastic substitutes for our favourite superstars who don’t make the cut, Melina holds one of the most unique entrances in WWE history that something always feels missing when using CAWs of her. 

Getting the opportunity to book Melina against some of the stars of today such as Charlotte, Bianca Belair and Naomi (the Evolution match we deserved) is one I would never pass by. Make it happen 2K!

3. Eve

Last Game Appearance: WWE ‘13

Number of Game Appearances: 4

Seeing the changes in our favourite superstars game to game not only in their in-game attire but also as they grow as wrestlers is a huge part of the game series. 

Women wrestling fans got to see Eve grow as an in-ring performer over the years and her in-game appearances also reflect this as she went from rookie diva to arguably one of the strongest Divas Champions in history. 

Ever since her in-ring retirement, Eve has made the occasional appearance in an Ambassador role and fans are dying for more, her name being one of the most regularly brought up during Rumble season. 

I am partially biased as Eve’s theme was one of my personal favourites but I am sure I will not be alone in booking Eve to reclaim her spot atop the mountain in my WWE Universe mode. 

2. Sable

Last Game Appearance: WWE Smackdown vs RAW 

Number of Game Appearances: 3

I truly believe that Sable’s re-emergence in WWE content will come one day with a HOF induction for the Wildcat herself, should she want it. 

Sable’s return to WWE was during the Ruthless Aggression era, pitting her against foes like Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler, and was also the era that debuted her husband Brock Lesnar. While the two have never appeared on-screen together, the thought of pairing them together in-game as a dominant power couple is an exciting thought. 

Sable appeared in some of the earliest WWE games, her sudden departure in 1999 and subsequent lawsuit resulted in her removal from the first Smackdown game, bringing that games Divas roster down to just three, before her final appearance in the first Smackdown vs Raw branded game. 

The idea of fantasy booking for Sable include feuds against Chyna and Trish Stratus, a superstar she never crossed paths with during her second run with the company despite their star power. And not to mention the potential of redoing a feud we did see play out with our number 1 pick…

1. Torrie Wilson

Last Game Appearance: WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2008

Number of Game Appearances: 9

Above I mentioned the previous tradition in these games of the HOF inductees that year usually being included on-disc or as DLC packs. As luck would have it, the year that 2K and WWE decided to not do this was the year Torrie Wilson was inducted. 

Appearing in more games than any other Alumni on this list, it seems on paper an odd choice but her last game appearance was released in 2007 and her return is long overdue. 

Between forming a tag team with Stacy Keibler, giving her more than one title shot in her entire career or righting the wrong that was the Divas Title debuting after her retirement, the list of fantasy bookings for Torrie Wilson is endless. 

With appearances in several Rumbles and at Evolution, we could even see a modern version of Wilson in the game but regardless, she would make a welcome addition.

What Legends/Alumni would you like to see appear in future games? What would be your dream female roster? Discuss in the comments!

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