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2019 EVE Academy classes open tomorrow

Pro-Wrestling: EVE has provided us with some of the best women’s wrestling that the sport has to offer. When the cameras aren’t rolling at event tapings, the EVE crew are busy birthing some of the best female wrestlers of the future.

Ever since it opened up shop in March of 2018, EVE Academy has given London its first ever all women’s professional wrestling training grounds. The school is dedicated to teaching the art of wrestling to anyone who is a “self-identifying woman” or identifies as a “non-binary, femme presenting” person.

Classes are coached by wrestler turned stuntman Greg Burridge and current wrestler Rhia O’Reilly. O’Reilly is essentially the face of Pro-Wrestling: EVE having wrestled there since EVE’s first show in 2010. O’Reilly is a two-time Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion.

To ring in the new year, EVE Academy will open back up tomorrow on Jan. 6, 2019. Even with short notice, it’s not too late to sign up for classes, which take place every Sunday for £10.

For any aspiring lady wrestlers in the East London area hoping to make their dreams come true, this offer should sound enticing.

London’s School of Women’s Wrestling focuses on teaching its students three things: staying fit, learning to wrestle, and building character. Learning these essential pro wrestling qualities from a modern legend like Rhia O’Reilly has to be the biggest perk of being an EVE student.

Any female pro wrestlers in training who are interested enough to want to give EVE Academy a go, they can make a reservation to attend here. However, the people at EVE Academy also don’t mind women to just show up on the day of if they wish. Contact info and EVE Academy’s address can be found here.

Pro-Wrestling: EVE is grooming the future of women’s wrestling in East London as we speak. Any English female wrestlers in the area hoping to be a part of history would be wise to check it out.

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