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24/7 Title Exchanges Occur At WWE Live Events

Over last weekend, Dana Brooke and Carmella had 24/7 Championship exchanges during WWE Live events. Between the house shows that took place on July 9 and 10, Dana Brooke went in as champion to face Doudrop. Despite defeating Doudrop at these events, the gold would go between her and Carmella a couple of times.

These title changes have made Brooke now an eight-time champion and Carmella a four-time champion. First, Carmella took it from Brooke on July 9 which then had Brooke win it right back. The next day on July 10 it would take place again with Carmella capturing it for a fourth time just before Brooke would get it back to make number eight. Brooke came out of the weekend still the current champion.

This is the first time the gold was exchanged on a WWE Live event since January 2020. Unless overlooked by this author, they did not mention these title changes the July 11 episode of Raw. With that omission it is unsure if they will count these officially.

Brooke has held the gold for now 217-days through all eight reigns and is listed second behind R-Truth who has the most combined days at 415. Having eight reigns now ties her with Drake Maverick on having the third most reigns. Akira Tozawa is in second at 14 while Truth is at 53. Carmella has only held it for a combined 11-days as a four-time champ.

Carmella and Brooke teased a feud back in May. The storyline didn’t and Carmella has been in the title picture after facing Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of the Raw brand.

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