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A History of Divas Going Through Tables

Tonight’s TLC pay per view will see the first ever Divas Tag Team Tables Match, but it wouldn’t be the first time in history that a WWE Diva has gone through a table, however. Oh no!

During WWE’s boom period, the ‘Attitude Era’, many a Diva found herself in that devastating spot — usually courtesy of Bubba Ray Dudley.

Let us reminisce on some good ole fashioned Diva table spots!

Trish Stratus

Before she became the 7-time Women’s Champion and built a legacy befitting of our first ever Diva Dirt Legacy Award, Trish was known as something of a harlot while with Test & Albert. She ended up on the wrong side of a certain Bubba Dudley and ended up paying for it.

Trish pushes Lita

Speaking of Trish! Here she is on the other side of the exchange — and this time it’s Lita on the receiving end.


More Lita you say? With the aid of Chyna, Bubba’s eyes gloss over as he puts Lita through a table.

Torrie Wilson

Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson. Their careers will always go hand in hand. Rivals, friends, rivals, friends… this time they were rivals as the Duchess of Dudleyville watched as Bubba put Torrie through a table. But don’t worry Stacy, you’re about to get your just desserts…

Stacy Keibler

Poor Stacy. She could never catch a break could she? Abused by Test, Scott Steiner and Randy Orton during her WWE career. So used to seeing her boys, the Dudleys, put others through tables — it was only a matter of time until they ran out of Divas to play with. Eventually they turned on their Duchess and those luscious long legs went flying through the air!

And now the finale…

Mae Young… twice!

There are few moments in WWE history more disturbing than violence against an 80 year old woman. So of course she’d get put through a table, not once but twice! Both of these scenes are pretty cringe-worthy to watch even today.

What are your favourite Diva table moments?

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