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A New Direction For Liv Morgan in the Works Post-Riott Squad?

There has been chatter among many fans about the little to no use of former Riott Squad member Liv Morgan.  Since the trio was separated thanks to the brand split, it seems that things have quieted down for all three members (Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott, who is currently injured), which is the polar opposite of what they were known for.

Photo: WWE

While The Riott Squad is as different as they come in terms of personality, the team meshed well as they continuously wreaked havoc over the last year and a half.  One would describe Morgan as the cutesy girl of the group, with her pink hair, blue tongue and a flair for being girly.  However, she proved looks are deceiving, as she meant business in the ring.

Morgan knows the fans have been wondering about her return to the squared circle. While not being used on television, she has been working the live events, most recently on Sunday in Stockton, CA.  Morgan participated in a triple threat match against Ember Moon and Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley.  Not only did Morgan proclaim that she’s back, she earned some rub thanks to Bayley.

While The Riott Squad had quite the impact on the Raw roster, Morgan’s time to shine as a solo Superstar on Smackdown is off to a slow start, but a great start.  Between NXT and the Riott Squad, Morgan’s definitely prepared to make a statement on her own.

Being that she hasn’t been on television, perhaps the live event showings are a start of what’s to come.  Much of the Women Superstars have been MIA on television, which is unusual considering the hot track the Division has continuously stayed on.  With the exception of Lacey Evans on Raw, there hasn’t been near the concentration on the other women. 

That’s not to say Evans doesn’t deserve it.  Evans has a great look and has been working a good program with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

Photo: WWE

But after last week’s Smackdown, fans are getting another program with Bayley and #1 contender Alexa Bliss.  Bliss was considered a Raw Superstar, and with the Wildcard Rule, it seems to be an exemption to the rule perhaps?  In another instance, it is known that the company is high on Bliss due to her success plus booking.  There is no doubt that Bliss, if she can stay healthy, looks to be at the helm of the Smackdown Women’s Division. 

Consider it an obstacle for those such as Morgan, who have so much to give and prove inside the ring.  While there is certainly a slump going on post- Money in the Bank, maybe with the Super ShowDown PPV in the books fans will see more of the Women Superstars.  Let’s not slow up any longer. 

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