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AIW Girls Night Out 7 News: New Win-Loss System, Big Show This Weekend

Absolute Intense Wrestling has announced a new win-loss system for its Girls Night Out shows going forward.

The latest Girls Night Out takes place this Saturday featuring two big matches: Mia Yim vs Allysin Kay in a cage match and Sara Del Rey facing Hailey Hatred in what is sure to be an encounter to remember.

Tickets are available here.

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[notice]On Saturday, August 4, Absolute Intense Wrestling presents the seventh
iteration of its popular Girls Night Out event, the last of its kind for
the year. In addition to the steel cage main event between Mia Yim and
Allysin Kay for the AIW Women’s Championship and the no time limit match
featuring Sara Del Rey and Hailey Hatred, AIW will be rolling out a new
feature to these shows, as documented win/loss records at Girls Night
Out events will be of the utmost importance to the AIW women’s roster
going forward. AIW’s acting president Matt Wadsworth had the following
to say about this development:

“We’ve been looking for a way to mark Girls Night Out as a unique brand
in the world of women’s wrestling, a way to distinguish it from SHIMMER,
Shine, and WSU. Though we only put on three Girls Night Out shows a
year, we believe in offering something different. By placing a strong
emphasis on a woman’s win/loss record, we can do just that. We will also
be adding GNO brand showcase matches to our regular AIW events through
out our calendar year in which the win/loss record will be a factor”

The reward for having a good record is tangible: A shot at the AIW
Women’s Championship, currently held by Allysin Kay. This added
incentive gives each match, from the show’s open to the main event, an
extra layer of intrigue: A string of wins during #GNO competition can
make your reputation; a loss could break it.

Absolute Intense Wrestling will be keeping tally of each woman’s wins
and losses, and has assigned records to its roster members in
retrospect. The full leader board follows the card for Girls Night Out
7. Tickets for the event are available online at
for $15. For more information, check AIW out on Facebook
( and follow us on Twitter (@aiwrestling)

Steel Cage Match
AIW Women’s Title
Allysin Kay (3-1) © vs. Mia Yim (1-2)

No Time Limit
Sara Del Rey (2-3) vs. Hailey Hatred (7-0)

Veda Scott (1-2) vs. Courtney Rush (0-0)

Cherry Bomb (2-0) vs. Athena (0-0)

Melanie Cruise (1-0) vs. Kimber Lee (0-2)

Sassy Steph (0-2) vs. Leah Von Dutch (0-0)

Miss Heidi (0-2) and Angel Dust (1-2) vs. Annie Social (0-1) and Nikki
St. John (0-0)

Thunderkitty (0-0) vs. Trash Cassidy (0-1)

Girls Night Out Leader board

Hailey Hatred (7-0)
Allysin Kay (3-1)
Sammi Lane (3-1)
Mickie Knuckles (3-2)
K.C. (2-1)
Cherry Bomb (2-0)
“Crazy” Mary Dobson (2-0)
Jennifer Blake (2-2)
Sara Del Rey (2-3)
Madison Eagles (1-0)
Marti Belle (1-0)
Melanie Cruise (1-0)
Taeler Hendrix (1-0)
Mena Libra (1-1)
Angel Dust (1-2)
Mia Yim (1-2)
Super Oprah (1-2)
Veda Scott (1-2)
Roxie Cotton/Gabby Gilbert (1-3)
Annie Social (0-1)
Arella Angel (0-1)
Jenny Rose (0-1)
Leva Bates (0-1)
Luscious Latasha (0-1)
Taylor Made (0-1)
Trash Cassidy (0-1)
Kimber Lee (0-2)
Miss Heidi (0-2)
Sassy Steph (0-2)[/notice]

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