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AJ Lee Starts WrestleMania 29 Diary and AJ Lee have teamed up to start a WrestleMania 29 diary, chronicling AJ’s return to her home state.

Returning to New Jersey, where the massive event will be held, is an emotional homecoming for AJ. The “Geek Goddess” was born and raised in Union City, East Rutherford’s neighbor.

The diary documents the drive to Union City–pointing out that AJ only started driving two years ago!–a visit to her old wrestling school, Ace Pro Wrestling [watch a video of the visit] and a walk through Jersey City.

On that walk, AJ explained what New Jersey means to her:

“Every bad thing [growing up] I ever went through was in Jersey, but every awesome lesson I learned was in Jersey. For me, Jersey represents going through what you can go through and still surviving. That’s the cool thing about people from the Tri-State area. We’re fighters. We’re survivors, and we’re edgier than anyone else on Earth. I could be anywhere in the country and people will ask, ‘Are you from Jersey? ’ I’m proud of that. We’re a weird breed.”

The diary comes complete with a photo gallery, viewable here.

Check out day one of the diary by clicking here.

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