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AJ Lee Works SmackDown House Show

Developmental Diva AJ Lee worked Sunday’s SmackDown brand house show in Odessa, Texas against Women’s Champion, Layla.

The FCW talent worked as a babyface in the match. Report below via AdamBombOi:

First things first, I have to say that Layla is EASILY the most beautiful and gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life. Just absolutely stunning.

Layla enters first, followed by AJ Lee (who was billed from Odessa, TX – I’m assuming they’re doing this for all house shows to get the crowd behind her from the get go… which worked immediately).

“REAL TALK!” – Layla cuts a promo about her being simply flawless, and jokingly looks at AJ and says, “THIS, THIS is the best Odessa has to offer? Give me a break!”

The match starts out slow, but picks up, only to get slow again, great psychology from Layla, working on Lee’s head and neck the WHOLE match. She get’s Lee in a headlock with her legs, becomes VERY boisterous with the crowd mocking them to the point of doing push-ups while still having the scissored headlock on. GREAT moment, had me cracking up.

Layla was all over AJ, but Lee did get in a lot of offense, VERY fast paced and a bit of high flying action from her, before being grounded by Layla again, who hit a GREAT low dropkick to the back of her head and neck. The two had great chemistry with one another – the end came when Layla hit her “LayOut” neckbreacker. Again I stress, Layla El is absolutely stunning.

There are a lot of pictures on the blog which you can see here.

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