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AJ: There Needs to Be Divas Who Aren’t “Pampered-Up and Fancy”

Many have remarked on the unique role that AJ has been playing (including former Diva Maxine) and now AJ herself has commented on how her role differs from the norm and why she thinks the fans are responding to it. In an article with USA Today, she says:

“I love the in-ring work, but as a fan I love the dramatic stuff more than anything. This day and age, there needs to be a girl who’s not wearing as much makeup and isn’t that pampered-up and fancy. There’s a place for that, but there’s also a place for a girl I think fans want to hang out with and see themselves in.”

There certainly is a “down to Earth” aspect to AJ that’s not present in most Divas, and it ultimately could help her stand out to young girls in a way that Lita did a decade ago. Do you think AJ’s character brings a unique appeal? Is there a place for less “glamorous” Divas, or are Divas like AJ and Lita just exceptions to the rule?

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