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Alexa Bliss reveals why she split from Blake and Murphy in interview

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Several weeks ago Alexa Bliss split from her boys Blake and Murphy to strike out on her own. Bliss explains why she did to Byron Saxton in a interview.

On her decision to leave BAMF behind: Blake, Murphy and I used to be best friends. They helped me discover who I am. They taught me that Bliss was good, but bad is better. Because of the boys, I was able to really express who I am, instead of being the pixie princess I was pretending to be. After a while, I felt I was being taken for granted. Blake & Murphy didn’t seem to appreciate who I was and what I was doing for them. After losing the NXT Tag Team Championship, they went on a long losing streak. They needed me, yet just used me as an accessory. I was the third member of that team, not just a piece of arm candy. Blake & Murphy stopped utilizing me and stopped appreciating what I could do for our group. I did everything in my power to give those boys opportunities to win in their matches.

On striking out on her own: Do you remember the NXT episode where I wasn’t ringside with them? The fans weren’t chanting, “Let’s go Blake, let’s go Murphy.” They chanted, “Where’s Alexa?” I always knew I was the star of the group, but the crowd confirmed it. At that moment I realized that if they didn’t start winning, I needed to make a drastic change in order to achieve my goals and my dreams. After all, it really is all about me at this point in my career.

On the NXT Women’s Championship: I was built from the ground up by NXT. I am what they designed the future to look like. I am what everyone strives to be.  I was made to be Women’s Champion. I am the future, and I am here to take what is rightfully mine. Should they be concerned? No, no, no … they should be terrified!

Read the full interview here.

Are you excited for a new chapter in Alexa’s story? What do you think is next for her? Sound off in the comments below.

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