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Allysin Kay comments on Tessa Blanchard’s denial

Allysin Kay has commented on Tessa Blanchard’s denial of using a racial slur against La Rosa Negra.

Kay originally brought this accusation to life last weekend after Blanchard attempted to leave a woman empowering tweet. Instead Kay was just one of the several women to state that an incident actually did occur between Blanchard and La Rosa Negra in 2017.

Since then, Blanchard has won the IMPACT World Title and up until Thursday stayed silent on the subject. She posted on Twitter a statement denying that she used any racial slur. Kay, however, still maintains the story is true.

The majority of the wrestlers who have come forward in regards to Blanchard’s actions are their personal experiences. For instance, Chelsea Green and Priscilla Kelly for example spoke on their person experiences with Blanchard. This highlighted her bullying ways.

Other female talent such as Kiera Hogan, Big Swole, and Diamante would discuss the incident Kay is referring to. They have taken the route of trying to help the situation, heal, and move on.

According to Kay’s response it sounds like most people have heard of what happened but were not present. She wishes the other two witnesses would come forward one day.

La Rosa Negra spoke out in regards to it in a YouTube video. Although she is happy that people have her back, she seems to want to move on from the situation.

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