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Amale Cancels The Nina Samuels Show One Last Time

Blair Davenport made a surprising appearance this past week at NXT 2.0 Heatwave and made a vow that she is going to be the next NXT Women’s Champion She has made the claim of becoming a champion ever since her return from injury on NXT UK.


Another UK star making that claim was the French Hope, Amale, who this week faced off with the star of The Nina Samuels Show after their confrontation last week.

In a bittersweet match between two of NXT UK mainstays, due to the recent news of the NXT UK brand’s future, the two put their best foot forward.


The two lock up, with the UK crowd firmly behind Amale, with the French Hope trapping Samuels in a headlock. After a few nearfalls, Samuels catches Amale in the gut with a kick and takes control for just a second before a series of dropkicks floors her.

Using her in-ring awareness, Samuels uses the corner and the referee to get a shot in on Amale and locks her in a submission hold as the crowd taunts her. A powerslam nets her a two count before she traps Amale in the ropes for a maneuver that her opponent nimbly dodges.


The evasive Amale pulls the energy from the crowd and mounts a massive comeback. In a flurry of offence, including her signature bulldog and running boot in the corner, Amale puts away NXT UK’s Leading Lady with the Hope Breaker and secures the win.

Amale approaches the camera and issues a warning to Davenport, Eliza Alexander and Isla Dawn: ‘You’re next!’

Authors Take –

Where do I begin?

I am genuinely so very excited for the future of NXT Europe but it does come at a cost of losing the main WWE Show that I watch regularly and there is a mass of amazing talent that they may not be able to return when the hiatus ends.

Amale and Nina Samuels were regulars in NXT UK and it’s kind of poetic that the pair would have one of their final NXT matches with each other after Nina was Amale’s first feud as a signed competitor back in 2020.

I will still do my write-ups leading up to World’s Collide depending on what airs but I have hopes to do a piece reviewing some top moments from the NXT UK brand so please share any you might want to see mentioned!

What matches do you want to see at World’s Collide? What are your favourite moments from NXT UK? Share them in the comments!

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