Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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And If You Look to Your Left, You’ll Spot the Elusive Green Tiger

Maria‘s tights have always been a sight to behold – bright, bold, and sometimes head-scratching. This is one of the latter. Her latest photoshoot, “Green Goddess” shows her in a green, tiger-print ensemble that really catches my eye, but not in a good way. The shiny shade of green is sort of putrid, and the random tiger print isn’t befitting to it. Honestly, the whole thing looks like something spit out of a music videos from the 80’s. It’s not all bad, though – I love the different selection of poses. It all looks very superhero-esque, with the windblown hair and statuesque stances. In that respect, I really like the shoot. The main drawback is the outfit, and unfortunately, it’s a pretty big one.

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