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Another Former Diva Shoots Down TNA


Hot on the heels of Torrie Wilson saying ‘No’ to a possible turn as a TNA Knockout, another ex-Diva and Women’s Champion has quashed rumours of her possibly joining TNA. Victoria – real name Lisa Marie Varon – was spotted with TNA owner, Dixie Carter at a recent MMA show leading to some  news sites to speculate her going to TNA. Well Varon spoke out on her MySpace yesterday:

I ran into a couple former WWE employees there. Bruce Prichard and Dan Stevenson, who were behind the scenes guys, who are now with TNA. They introduced me to Dixie Carter and her husband. I don’t know if she’s supposed to have a tough businesswoman image. But I’m gonna shatter that. She was supernice. It’s always weird to me when a tidbit of my personal life becomes wrestling gossip, because someone saw Dixie and I talking, and now “I may be going to TNA”. I’d be lying if I said it never crossed my mind, but they haven’t come to me with anything, and I am really focused on my MMA.

So there you have it. I highly doubt Victoria would wind up in TNA, despite not having the most flourishing end to her WWE career I feel Victoria is another Diva that is ‘WWE through-and-through’ like Torrie Wilson. She got a good sendoff from the company and they, in the end, did finally acknowledge her accomplishments. Right now, she’s considered a WWE Alumni which puts her in good steed to become a future Hall of Famer and moving to TNA could jeopardise that.

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