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Asuka & Alexa Bliss Crowned New Tag Team Champs In Raw Main Event

We have new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions which was decided in the Raw main event on Halloween night.

The women started and ended the Oct. 31 episode of Raw this week. The show opened with the emerging unhinged Nikki Cross taking on the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair in a non-title bout. Cross returned to her previous gimmick last week and seemingly made enemies of everyone.

Unfortunately for Cross that was her downfall as she already had going up against the champion against her. Dakota Kai and IYO SKY would get involved in the match causing a distraction and making Cross forced to take them out of her path. The distraction was enough for Belair to deliver a KOD to pick up the victory.

With all of Damage CTRL out in the ring attacking Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss made their return. Asuka and Bliss, who have been by Belair’s side since Damage CTRL was introduced, were laid out for the past few weeks and put “on the shelf.” Now they are back and once again helped even the odds.

After the match in a backstage segment, Bliss and Asuka challenged SKY and Kai to a tag team match later in the night and wanted the gold to be on the line. The match was eventually booked and was given plenty of time in the main event of the show.

Prior to the main event match, Damage CTRL was seen backstage talking to Cross. An interesting turn of events seeing as Cross made enemies of everyone last week and earlier in the night. Despite Bayley being shown talking to Cross, nothing came of this later on in the night as Cross never reappeared on this week’s show.

In the main event, the four women were given plenty of time to perform. At one point in the match, Bayley started to show worry on her face thinking that Kai and SKY weren’t going to be able to make it out of the match with the gold. After Bayley attempted to get involved, Belair would rush over to her and deliver a cross body which took them both to the timekeeper’s area. They continued to fight in the area until they were up top on the nearby equipment and Bayley delivered a Bayley to Belly driving both women through tables that were set up.

This would be a preview of what lengths these two will go to this Saturday at Crown Jewel in a Last Woman Standing Match for the Raw Women’s Title.

With both Bayley and Belair non-factors now to help their respective teams, it left the match even. In a chaotic battle that had them all over the ringside area, Bliss and Asuka would become new champs. SKY attempted to retain the gold with a moonsault on Asuka, but The Empress moved out of the way. Asuka hit SKY with a roundhouse kick and tagged in Bliss. With Twisted Bliss on SKY, Bliss would pick up the win for her team. This ends the reign of Damage CTRL at 47-days.

This championship win makes both Bliss and Asuka three-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Bliss has held the title on two occasions prior with Nikki Cross while Asuka has been previous champions with Kairi Sane as The Kabuki Warriors and also once with Charlotte Flair.

Rhea Ripley continued to be the secret weapon of The Judgment Day this week and between her and the other members of the faction, they destroyed The OC and AJ Styles. Commentary continues to bring up the question of who would be able to equal out the sides and be utilized to combat Ripley’s dominance.

As always, check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of Raw.

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