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Asuka Says The Media Hates Her In Japan, STARDOM Was Created To Defeat Her

The former WWE Women’s Champion has been very outspoken on social media over the past day as she comments to a fan about how the Japanese media still hates her. Also adding that she does not flatter them, which is why they hate her.

In the first post on her social media she states –

“I don’t flatter anyone. Even in Japan, the media hated me because I don’t flatter the media. In Japan, everyone was flirting with the media except me. I fought the media alone to take care of my fans. That’s why some of the Japanese media still hate me. That’s why I’ve always been a freelancer. And Everyone in Japan knows I am anti-Joshi Pro. Always.”

She continues in a thread adding in that STARDOM was an organization to destroy her personally. Asuka adds that they failed as she had gone to America and flourished.

“The former editor-in-chief of Pro Wrestling Weekly has made this point on several occasions. That is, Stardom is an organization that was created to defeat me. It is an organization that was created to destroy me personally. But they failed to defeat me. I don’t know what happened to them after that because I came to America.”

“The media could not bring me down when I came to America. They must have really wanted me to fail. I am used to it because I have been fighting my critics alone since my days in Japan. But now that I am here, I have comrades in arms. Charlotte, Becky, HHH and… I’ve walked alone in the wilderness all my life, and here I have an oasis. To the Asuka antis, I say, beat me up on the Internet all you want. I grab everything.”

She rounds out her series of posts –

Asuka has been highly successful in WWE. She is a grand slam champion and has held the WWE (Raw) Women’s Championship three times, SmackDown Women’s Championship, Women’s Tag Team Championships three times, and the NXT Women’s Championship.

Asuka has also won the Money in the Bank and Royal Rumble. She had an undefeated streak for 914-days.

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