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Asuka Aligns Herself With Damage CTRL

Asuka turns on Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair in the main event of the Nov. 10 episode of SmackDown. The Empress of Tomorrow found her best friendship was back and goes by the name of Kairi Sane.

Before we get to the main event six-woman tag team match, Bayley headed to the ring earlier in the night to address what took place at Crown Jewel. This was when Sane returned to help out IYO SKY to retain the WWE Women’s Championship. This happened without the knowledge of Bayley. Bayley concerned about this, asked SKY to join her in the ring. Following SKY to the ring was Dakota Kai and Sane.

Bayley still puzzled and cautious of why Sane is here, reminded everyone what took place over three years ago when Sane left WWE. The video played of Bayley beating up Sane causing her to leave WWE. Kai tried to diffuse the situation after SKY explained that Sane helped her retain and that was the end goal. Kai states that bringing in Sane was to take some weight off of Bayley and what she has been doing to help.

Sane took to the mic and said she respects Bayley as the leader and also forgives her for what happened in the past. They all hug it out despite Bayley explaining she is no longer a hugger.

Out comes Bianca Belair who states that she couldn’t have a fair fight against SKY one-on-one. She then had Charlotte Flair and Asuka come out who she says doesn’t like Damage CTRL either. From this the six-woman tag team match was booked for the main event.

The match itself ended in a no contest as chaos broke loose when Asuka refused to take the tag from Belair. Asuka sprayed the mist in the EST’a face and would have Sane, SKY, and Bayley join her in a group hug after all three seemed surprised by the turn.

Damage CTRL who has grown to five now, all hut Kai (who is still injured) led a beat down on bot Belair and Flair. This included Belair being on the receiving end of the insane elbow. Shotzi would run in to try and help Belair and Flair but the numbers game would be too much.

Damage CTRL stood tall to end the show.

Also on SmackDown, Zelina Vega showed her anger and resentment towards Santos Escobar who turned on Rey Mysterio.

During the Bobby Lashley vs. Carlito match, B-Fab was backstage watching on the monitors. Commentary made several notices of this. Eventually Ashante Thee Adonis would appear and took B-Fab’s attention away.

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