Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Awesome Kong to WWE Too?

Wow. Talk about hot news tips! More of you have e-mailed into let us know about this rumour than I’ve eaten Skittles today! According to one report former Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong could follow Gail Kim by leaving TNA and joining WWE. Apparently, Kong signed a one year contract with TNA that is expected to expire in October and WWE is planning to put in an offer for the monster.

Initially when I read this, I rolled my eyes – and rightfully so. One person that I spoke to says that the chances of Kong winding up in WWE are highly unlikely and I tend to agree. Should Kong’s contract expire, given Gail’s departure, I’m sure TNA would try and keep Kong on their books. Furthermore, last year Kong admitted that she’d received offers from both WWE and TNA and obviously opted for the latter. One must wonder though, since WWE had already offered Kong an opportunity, just what did they have in mind for her? She is definitely a departure from the norm in WWE. Anyhoo, I would expect Kong will continue to terrorise the rest of Knockouts, October and beyond. But it is an interesting prospect, Kong in WWE…

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