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B-Fab discusses WWE release and the fragility of the promotion’s contracts

At a recent virtual signing former WWE Superstar B-Fab spoke about WWE releases, contracts and the disconnect between NXT and the main roster.

Earlier this year, Hit Row was one of the hottest acts in wrestling. The Hip Hop quartette featured Isiah Swerve Scott, Top Dolla, Ashante Thee Adonis and B-Fab.

The group were featured heavily in NXT and it was no surprise when they were included in the WWE Draft and added to the SmackDown roster. However, despite their popularity, the group were broken up when WWE released B-Fab seemingly out of nowhere before doing the same to the rest of the group on November 4th.

During a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFestB-Fab spoke candidly about the group’s release from WWE. She disclosed she was clear of her non-compete clause before talking about her feelings toward the reason why she and then the rest of the group were released:

“I have no clue at all. They released me along with 18 other people. The thing that they said was budget cuts, that’s the most detail I know. There was really no reason. They were saying that the boys were deemed to be okay without me because they could all talk. I really wasn’t a manager because I was going to be wrestling, I just hadn’t been doing it yet. They could all talk so [WWE] felt like, why do they need me? They’ve had Shield and New Day and most guys do well, so they probably felt ‘they will be fine without her because other groups have survived.

It goes along with the disconnect from NXT and the main roster. If you’re paying attention to NXT like our fans were, they saw how we impacted the field as a unit. They got to see us every week and knew how we worked together and gelled and they loved to see it. Maybe the main roster didn’t see everything we did and only saw a few things. I feel like the disconnect was always there between NXT and the main roster, they don’t really know what’s going on in NXT always to fully understand an act when it goes to the main roster. If you saw us in NXT, you would have known we were perfectly fine as a unit.”

B-Fab continued and spoke about the fragility of the company’s contracts and how they essentially don’t mean anything.

“It’s a sad situation because I don’t even know if you can call it a contract because most contracts have to be worked through until they are finished. With them being able to terminate whenever it’s more like an agreement than a contract.

If you want to live your life, you can’t put your life on hold for this agreement because they can change it whenever they want. It’s kind of hard to plan what you want to do when you don’t know what’s going to happen day-to-day. It’s not very secure and it’s a scary situation to put yourself in. It’s very difficult to say if it’s even worth it. Now, people are moving from across the country to do this job and you can get cut in six months and you moved your entire life and family over here.”

h/t to Fightful for the transcription.

What do you make of B-Fab’s comments about WWE and their unstable contracts? Let us know in the comments below.

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