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Bayley wins the Raw Women’s Title, Emma makes her televised return

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Tonight on the main event of Monday Night Raw, a new Raw Women’s Champion was crowned as Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair. The episode also saw the long awaited premiere of Emma‘s makeover to Emmalina.

After months of teased bikini and beach photoshoot vignettes, which dated way back since in October, Emma made her televised WWE return in a segment that lasted roughly a minute. Emma acknowledge her 17 week hiatus and introduced herself as Emmalina. She then quickly announced that the WWE Universe would now witness that makeover of Emmalina to Emma.

In the Raw Women’s Title main event scene:

Charlotte had a run-in with former rival Sasha Banks prior to entering the ring. She referred to The Boss as “ a constant reminder of how easy it is to watch someone fall.”

At the main event, Charlotte went for early offenses by sending Bayley to trips to the turnbuckle, which The Hugger brushed off; reversing this by sending Charlotte head first to the turnbuckles instead.

Changing up the pace, the champ would at go on to use the bottom turnbuckle to send Bayley’s neck crashing to it. Charlotte would continue to focus on Bayley’s neck, applying pressure with a neck submission, swinging neck breaker and a sleeper hold.

The challenger managed to make an escape Charlotte’s offense by catching her breath from the ring apron but would go crashing down to the outside after a running big boot. Charlotte would hit a second big boot to Bayley, sending her to the barricade and from that same barricade, followed up with a moonsault.

The outside offense wasn’t enough to keep Bayley down for the three count. After recollecting herself, Bayley fought back forearms, chops and finally brought the Charlotte down with a running cross body.

Throughout the match, Bayley continued to build momentum with the use of suplexes, high flying elbow drops, hurricanranana all leading up to Bayley using the Figure Four against Charlotte. An interfering Dana Brooke would make the save for Charlotte.

Dana’s interference allowed for Charlotte to lock in the Figure Eight but also brought Sasha Banks out to even up the numbers game. Crutch in hand, Sasha struck Charlotte in the midst of the Figure Eight hold, allowing Bayley to break free and hit the Bayley-to-Belly to win the Women’s Title, thus becoming the third woman to hold the belt.

What did you think of the match? What are your thoughts on Emma/Emmalina’s return? Let us know in the comments below!

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