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Bayley Wins WWE Women’s Championship At WrestleMania XL

For the first time in three and a half years, Bayley is once again a champion.

At night two of WrestleMania XL in Philadelphia. Bayley won the WWE Women’s Championship from former teammate IYO SKY. Arguably the best woman’s match of WrestleMania weekend, Bayley and SKY laid it all out in the ring proving why this title is so important.

Throughout the first half of the match SKY primarily focuses on the surgically repaired knee of Bayley which left the challenger limping throughout the bout. SKY did everything she could to put her former “friend” away including a triple round of moonsaults. One standing, one from the second rope, and one from the top which Bayley was able to avoid. SKY also tried to make Bayley submit in several crossface attempts.

Bayley shifted to the Rose Plant when her Bayley to Belly couldn’t put SKY away. The first Rose Plant had an amazing counter from SKY as she did a Kip Up to escape it. Finally, Bayley was able to connect with the Rose Plant to get the victory and end SKY’s reign at 247 days. This is Bayley’s fourth world title (fifth if NXT is included).

Switching gears to another match that had the women involved, a Philadelphia Street Fight between the Final Testament and Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits. During the fight, B-Fab and Scarlett tussled on the ring apron before both going through a table at ringside. The match was won by Lashley and The Street Profits.

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