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Becky Lynch Officially A Free Agent

As of midnight on June 1, Becky Lynch is a free agent. Although her future is unknown during this time, Lynch has gone on record in the recent past to say she intends on retiring in WWE.

In a report by Fightful Select, they share some light on the current status of Lynch.

Becky Lynch is now a free agent. 

As of midnight, Becky Lynch’s WWE contract has expired and she is now a free agent for the first time in 11 years. Lynch had re-signed with the company back in 2021, and saw out her contract, and was largely wrapped up on WWE TV last week as she lost the World Title to Liv Morgan. We’re told that WWE seemed aware that Lynch would look to take time off even before she won the World Title, but felt like it was a better approach for the story to have her win it. There was no concern that Becky would “do business.”

Those we spoke to claim there was no agreement or deal reached at the 11th hour, but that WWE has communicated their desire to continue working with Lynch. WWE and those close to Becky aren’t expecting her to go anywhere else as things stand now, but are expecting major offers to come her way. Industry sources have long expected her to get the largest contract offers of any woman in wrestling history.

WWE sources that Fightful spoke to said that Lynch has been “class” to deal with and had communicated to them that she was taking time off. 

Lynch hasn’t been a free agent since 2013, and hasn’t been an active free agent since about 2006, as she’d left the business before signing with WWE.

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