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Behind The Scenes Of Liv Morgan’s MITB & SmackDown Title Win

It has only been two days since Liv Morgan won Money in the Bank and cashed in to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion and the reception is still buzzing. It took eight years for Morgan to achieve her moment and fans are certainly respecting her rise to the top.

WWE just released a short video that shows Morgan heading to the arena on the day of Money in the Bank – July 2. The day that Morgan’s career elevated to new heights literally and figuratively.

The Diary video started with Morgan saying that this is the most incredible feeling in her entire life. Jokingly, she says if she would have known it would have felt this good she would have won a title years ago. She is shown heading to the arena discussing how she gets so much support from the fans and feels as though she doesn’t give enough back enough for fans to believe in.

She takes a moment to reflect at ringside to say she is nervous but eerily calm at the same time. At show time she says that she will likely be even more nervous which she was as fans saw that in her face when she walked out on stage.

The video wraps up with Morgan stating that the work is just getting started. She says that she still has so much more to prove because she doesn’t just want to be a champion – she wants to be the greatest women’s champion that we have ever had.

Although not confirmed yet, it has been rumored by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer that Morgan’s opponent at SummerSlam will be Ronda Rousey. Rousey was the one who Morgan cashed in on to become champion. She presented the title to Morgan after her loss and embraced her in a congratulatory fashion. SummerSlam takes place at the end of the month on July 30.

The official video of Morgan winning MITB and her cash-in victory afterward is currently sitting at 1.7 million views on YouTube. The video was uploaded just yesterday July 3.

Check back in with Diva Dirt this Friday for the SmackDown Discussion Post to talk about Morgan’s first day on the brand as champion.

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