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Liv Morgan Cashes In, NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion

Liv Morgan is the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion!

Not even two hours after Morgan won the Money in the Bank briefcase, she picked the perfect moment and cashed in successfully on Ronda Rousey. This ends Rousey’s reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion at 55-days. She defeated Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania Backlash in an “I Quit” match.

First, Rousey successfully defeated Natalya to retain the SmackDown Women’s Title. However, Natalya did a number on Rousey’s leg during the match and focused heavily on keeping her down as much as possible. Rousey would eventually cause Nattie to tap out.

As Rousey wasn’t even able to get back on her feet after she retained, Morgan’s music hit, and everybody watched her rush to the ring with the briefcase in hand.

She told the official she was cashing in as Rousey got back to her feet. The moment the bell rang Rousey immediately locked in the ankle lock and Morgan was doing everything she could to get out of it.

Morgan would get out of it and targeted the injured leg of Rousey to stack her up for the pin and the victory!

Morgan becomes the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion.

After the bell rings, Rousey hands over the title to Morgan and the two embraced before Rousey leaves the ring. Morgan celebrates in the ring as the crowd chants, “You deserve it!”

Earlier in the night, Bianca Belair successfully defended the Raw Women’s Championship against Carmella. The final moments of the match had Carmella get a series of near falls lastly after a super kick. Belair would wear down Carmella with a flurry of slaps before executing the K.O.D. to retain. After the match, Carmella attacked the champion from behind before leaving the ring.

For Liv Morgan’s Money in the Bank win you can read that by clicking here.

Congratulations to Liv Morgan for winning her first championship in WWE.

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