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Bellatrix vs. SHIMMER Announced for Bellatrix 7; Bellatrix 6 This Sunday

In an interview with Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Daily, former SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight dropped a bombshell: wrestlers from SHIMMER Women Athletes will be coming to the UK for the Bellatrix 7 show on October 6th.

She confirmed that a whopping five names will be making their way over for the big Bellatrix vs. SHIMMER show. Despite not yet naming said names, she later confirmed that one of them will most definitely be the SHIMMER Champion – whomever that may be, come October.

This weekend, Bellatrix Female Warriors will present Bellatrix 6 from Epic Studios in Norwich, England.

Check out the press release below:

Bellatrix Female Warriors presents Bellatrix 6 – Sunday, June 23, 2013

After a successful show in March – which was watched online across Europe and North America, and as far afield as Brazil, Australia and New Zealand – Bellatrix: Female Warriors returns to Internet Pay Per View (IPPV) with Bellatrix 6 on Sunday, June 23 at Epic Studios in Norwich, England.

This show makes two promises: the first is to showcase the best female professional wrestlers in Europe as well as present a great deal of “first time ever” contests for the fans watching live both at the venue and on the Internet.

Two championship matches will take place on the nine match card.  The first sees “The Fighting Irish” Rhia O’Reilly defend the Bellatrix British Championship against top contender Erin Angel from Southampton (who is preparing by taking on new opponents during a tour of Canada) in a contest which pits two longtime rivals against each other. “Erin and I have had a fair few encounters both inside and outside of Bellatrix,” points out O’Reilly. “But guess what? Last time we wrestled at Bellatrix, I beat her.  In the two times we have locked up this year already, I’ve pinned her for a 3 count.  I’m confident that it will be a challenge, it will be a fight, but I’m also confident I’m going to win.”

In the other title match, Norwich’s own Liberty puts her RQW European Women’s Championship on the line against Bellatrix debutante Shanna, nicknamed “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete”.  Liberty fought hard to win the belt at Bellatrix 5 earlier this year, and will not want to let it go.  The challenger has wrestled all across the continent with great success, and is now looking to represent the continent as its champion.  This will be the first time the pair have faced each other, and with the European title on the line, both are expected to hold nothing back in their quest to walk out of Epic Studios with the championship.

Norwich’s “Sweet” Saraya Knight – a 23-year veteran of the ring, mother of WWE Diva Paige and the promoter of the Bellatrix brand – faces a woman who is promising a big upset at Bellatrix 6.  Scotland’s Carmel Jacob is expected to use her cunning and polished ability to break the rules and get away with it to help her to victory, pointing out that “Everyone is expecting this match to go one way, and I am expecting to prove everyone wrong.”  Meanwhile Saraya – who requested this match – says “I’ve watched Carmel for a long time and think she’s very good.  I’m looking to take her to the limit so I hope she gives as good as she gets.”

Another Bellatrix regular faces a huge challenge, both literally and figuratively.  High-flying Penelope – who moved from Cambridge to Norwich to pursue her dream of making it in wrestling – will stand across the ring from the six feet tall bruiser the Alpha Female, who has spent half of the year wrestling – and winning titles – in Japan.  The pair have wrestled once before with Alpha getting her hand raised, and the muscular German promises there will be the same result, saying “[Penelope] suffered a lot last time, and this match will be the same.  I respect the fact that she is facing me, but I have this match in my pocket.”

Also coming from Scotland is Nikki Storm, who – like Alpha – has enjoyed some time wrestling in Japan in 2013.  Speaking about her debut, the woman who refers to herself as the “World’s Finest” says “It’s a very eclectic mix of wrestlers. Everyone has their own distinct style and experience levels with the common goal of beating the hell out of one another.”  Her opponent is “The Nordic Valkyrie” Miss Mina from Norway, who was dominant in her victory at Bellatrix 5 earlier this year.  “Do your homework baby,” says Storm.  “I’m on a mission to take over everything – so just try and survive Nikki Storm, since you can’t get out of her way.”

The third Scottish debutante is red-haired daredevil Kay Lee Ray, who is not afraid of taking risks to get the victory.  Her opponent Queen Maya will be looking to rebound from losing the European Championship in March, with the Italian promising “It will be a stark clash of styles, with Ray ready to fly high, risk it all and lay her health on the line to score a victory. I, on the other hand, will let my inborn power and my regal grace do the work.”

The final new face from north of the border is Bête Noire, with her teaming with partner and fellow Scot Viper having a noted size and strength advantage against the popular “Pocket Princess” Violet O’Hara and Chanel.  Noire and Viper both describe their upcoming appearance as “excited”, but believe that they have the key to victory.  “Chanel and Violet are making big waves in Bellatrix and have been advancing with each match, but I think myself and Bête’s experience as a tag team will be the winning factor”, promises Viper.

Two of Bellatrix’s most dastardly competitors also have tough opponents.  The monstrous Destiny says she has “a lot to live up to” after losing to Knight at Bellatrix 5 as she tackles Aurora Flame for the first time, which poses a problem for the Finn: “I’m used to slamming and throwing my opponents,” says Flame, “but now I’ll have to find another way to defeat her.”

Finally the tormenting Skarlett has to deal with France’s X-Cute Sweet, though Skarlett has momentum on her side, winning her last three Bellatrix matches since turning on the fans and turning into a dastardly rulebreaker with no regard for authority or the well-being of her opponent.


“Having this show on IPPV is the best way to showcase the best women wrestlers in Europe to the rest of the world in a purpose built TV studio like Epic, which has the lights and sound systems a show like this would need,” says Knight – and Noire agrees, pointing out that “Not only is it great exposure for all the talented women on the show, but it opens the brand up to a whole new market and allows people who maybe can’t travel or live too far away for it to be possible to have access to the event.”

However, it is not just the wrestlers themselves which make Bellatrix shows so popular – the fans also play a massive part.  “They are a loud and rowdy crowd, as well as being hugely loyal to wrestlers who they like, and making it very clear if there is someone who they hate,” insists Penelope.  An example of someone the fans hate is O’Reilly, but she also admits that “they have one redeeming feature, and that is that they know good wrestling when they see it. Whether they love you or hate you, they will always cheer good wrestling. And that is why you will always see a crowd of passionate fans at a Bellatrix show.”

Bellatrix 6 promises to be a groundbreaking show which showcases the best female wrestlers on the continent, and we encourage everyone – be they a impassioned fan or curious to see what the hype is all about – to either come to Epic Studios in Norwich on Sunday, June 23, or order the IPPV and watch it in the comfort of your own home.

Bellatrix Female Warriors presents Bellatrix 6 –  Sunday June 23, 2013 at 6.30pm

Epic Studios, 112 -114 Magdalen St, Norwich, NR3 1JD

Tickets £7-£10 at WAWWUK.com or on 0800 046 8164 or 07880 077 512.

Also available on Internet Pay-Per-View at Epic-TV.com

Bellatrix is on Facebook & Twitter

Which five SHIMMER wrestlers would you like to see on the Bellatrix 7 show in October?

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