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Beth Phoenix on Winning Divas Championship: “I Feel Awesome” has a video interview with Beth Phoenix about her Divas Championship victory last night at Hell in a Cell, including a humorous moment with the interviewer calling Beth and Natalya out on cheating only to be intimidated by the Divas of Doom.

On being the new Divas Champion, Beth said: “It’s the most amazing feeling in the world to be the Divas Champion, finally after all this time being denied opportunity after opportunity. I feel awesome!”

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Regarding whether she and Natalya had a game plan at the pay per view, Beth said: “We have the same game plan every single time we go to the ring — that’s to win, dominate and I mean, it’s not really like Kelly Kelly was much competition.”

Things then devolved when the interviewer suggested that they cheated, leading to a nice comedic spot from Beth telling him that he’s “challenging her reputation” amongst other things.

It’s a pretty fun clip which gives both Divas the chance to show off their personalities. Check it out here.

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